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Famous Military Dog Names

We appreciate all of our military heroes whether they are on two or four legs. If you have a puppy born on Memorial Day, think your puppy is a true hero or if you just want to honor the men, women and dogs who have served their country, you may want your new dog to share the name of one of these military dog heroes.

Famous Dogs Who Have Served in the Military


An official crew member of the Royal Norwegian Navy, the Saint Bernard became a symbol of Norwegian freedom during World War II.


Official mascot of Marine Barracks, Washington, D.C. He comes from a family of Bulldogs who are enlisted in the US Marine Corps, most attaining the rank of corporal.


In 1945, the German Shepherd Dog, Collie and Siberian Husky mix was donated to the U.S. Military by his family when word got out that the armed forces needed dogs. Chips became the most decorated war dog of World War II. The Disney movie “Chips The War Dog” was based on his life.


A Newfoundland who served in the Canadian Army. He saved the lives of several soldiers by carrying a live Japanese grenade back to the enemy. He was awarded the Dickin Medal for his feats during the Battle of Hong Kong in World War II.


An adopted Kelpie, Gunner warned soldiers of the approach of Japanese aircraft during World War II.

Horrie the Wog Dog

Found in Egypt in 1942 during World War II, he saved the lives of many Australian soldiers.


Served with the Royal Navy and was the only animal to have been officially registered as a Japanese prisoner of war. She was awarded the Dickin Medal in 1946.

Just Nuisance

The only dog officially enlisted in the Royal Navy. The Great Dane was buried with full military honors upon his death in 1944.


A mixed breed dog, was adopted by the 1st Battalion 3rd Marines Unit nicknamed the Lava Dogs. He was rescued from Iraq in 2005 by Lieutenant Colonel Jay Kopelman.


In 2007, Lex became the first actively working U.S. Military Dog to be granted early retirement to be adopted by the family of his handler who was killed in action. Lex who was wounded in the attack, received a purple heart.


A Poodle, who participated in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.

Nemo A534

A German Shepherd Dog who served in the Air Force during Vietnam. He saved the life of his handler in action despite having been shot in the nose and losing an eye.


A brave Cairn Terrier who ran a message through falling bombs in France during WWII. He delivered his message even though he was gassed and partially blinded. The amazing little dog survived.


Adopted from a World War I battlefield, the German Shepherd Dog returned to America to star in several films.


A terrier-mix who served as a search and rescue dog in WWII. He was found in Poplar, London, in 1940 by an Air Raid warden and went on to become the service’s first search and rescue dog, a job he was not trained for, but took took to out of instinct. He is credited with saving the lives of over 100 people for which he was awarded the Dickin Medal for bravery in 1945.


An Australian special forces explosives detection dog who was missing in action in Afghanistan for 14 months.

Sergeant Stubby

An American Pit Bull Terrier, Stubby is the most decorated American war dog in U.S. Military history. He served during World War I and became a mascot for Georgetown University.


The Coast Guard’s most famous mascot was adopted by a crewman prior to World War II and enlisted him in the Coast Guard.


A Yorkshire Terrier who served with the 5th Air Force in the Pacific during World War II. She was credited with 12 combat missions and awarded eight battle stars.

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