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Doting Dog Dad Builds Pirate-Themed Playground For His Pittie Family

Four Pit Bull mixes in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, have a backyard that most dogs only dream about. Tessa, Bruno, Coupe and Mia get to partake in swashbuckling fun every day thanks to the 300-square foot pirate-theme dog playground their owner, Aaron Franks, built them.

“I built it just trying to figure out a space for everyone,” he told us. “We have our spot on the deck, this is kinda just for them.”

The multi-level doggy playground took Franks two years to complete. It was his first time building anything like this, although he said he used to make little playgrounds for his hamsters out of popsicle sticks. This, obviously, is a MUCH larger project.

Posted by Aaron Franks on Tuesday, August 15, 2017

“It was just me working on it [a] little at a time, sometimes just a few boards,” he said. “It was a freestyle [project], kinda just building as I go.”

The space includes a 1-foot-deep wading pool, three rope swings, a pirate ship steering wheel and a designated potty area.

Posted by Aaron Franks on Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The dogs really seem to enjoy it. The older two, Tessa (dark brindle), 10, and Bruno (brindle with white stripe), 9, like to relax in their new space. But Coupe (tan), 5, and Mia (white), 4, hit the playground hard.

“The best part about building it would be it completing our home and all the positive attention it’s getting around the world,” Franks said. “I never thought I would inspire so many people [by] building it. I’m in shock.”

Posted by Aaron Franks on Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Every dog should be so lucky to have a dog dad and dog playground like this.

By: Stephanie Brown

Feature image: Via Aaron Franks/Facebook