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Dogs Take Turns Holding Toy While Receiving Treats

There is no “I” in “team.” But there is an “eat” in “treat,” and these two dogs understand the importance of that quite well. Grace and Cuba work together to keep their toy off the ground while receiving dog treats from their owner, and they do so by taking turns holding the toy, a video uploaded to YouTube by Rumble Viral shows.

It’s not clear why they refuse to let the toy touch the floor – maybe the floor is lava? But it’s clear that whatever the reason, this toy is precious to both of them.

The patience they exhibit during this routine is as hilarious as it is impressive. While the one dog is holding the toy, and the other eats, the toy holder doesn’t look eager to steal a second treat, or rush the process to get to their treat turn. It’s a shared effort to get fed and care for their stuffed toy, and Grace and Cuba are both happy to do their part.

By: Chrissa Hardy