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Dogs Dressing Up As Disney Characters Will Instantly Brighten Your Day

If you ever find yourself suffering from a case of the Mondays, or Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays – really any day that isn’t part of the weekend — @DisneyPets on Instagram will turn that frown immediately upside down. It includes all the things that are truly good in this world. Funny hats, dogs dressing up in classic Disney dog costumes, and even a couple pets meeting Disney characters IRL, which, yes, it’s just as cute as you can imagine.

Here are some dogs slaying the Disney cosplay game.

1. Snow White

Steer clear of the apples!

2. Ariel

The Little Mer-pup, starring this fluffy baby cutie ?❤? ?: @ohmydisney

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That hair flip is iconic.

3. Dory

Looks like this pup is ready to keep swimming!

4. Belle

She’s a beauty but a furry girl, that Belle ?? ?: @lifewithbriar

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Her love and beauty will ABSOLUTELY lift the curse.

5. The Beast

There’s definitely something there that wasn’t there before. (Hint: dog breath)

6. Aladdin

A magic carpet ride with this Aladdin will include at least six zoomies.

7. Tinker Bell

Everyone’s favorite spunky little fairy.

8. Woody

There’s a good boy in my boot! ?? #DisneyPetsHalloween ?: @mycaninelife

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The hat. The boot. THAT FACE.

9. Anna

I think we have a winner.

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By: Chrissa Hardy

Feature Image: Via disneypets/Instagram