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Dog Who Is Way Too Awake Tries To Get Pig Friend Up From Nap

Dog jumping on pig

We all have that one friend who has way more energy than you. Via Newsflare/Rumble

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Naps are life. They fix everything with their magical restorative powers. Unless, of course, some fool interrupts them and ruins all that.

A dog, who looks to be a Husky or possibly an Alaskan Klee Kai, won’t let his pig friend take a nap in a Rumble video posted by Newsflare.

While the pig tries to get some, well, we’re going to call it beauty rest — she’s so gorgeous! — the dog jumps on the pig… and jumps… and jumps to try and break the wonderful nap cycle.

The dog clearly just wants to play, but c’mon! Piggy’s tryna get some ZZZs around here. There’s a good chance that the manic Husky made her tired in the first place.

After repeated attempts, the pig finally gets up to see just what the heck this doggo needs. She — slowly — follows him to whatever nonsense he is up to.

That’s some really nice support for your friend, pig. Next time your Husky buddy wants to disrupt nap magic, borrow some words from the movie “Babe” and say: “That’ll do, dog. That’ll do.”

By: Anastasia Thrift

Feature Image: Via Newsflare/Rumble