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Dog Who Hates Baths Tries To Comfort Showering Owner

Many dogs do not like baths. Clark is one of them.

Whenever his owner, Rebecca Weaver, gets in the shower, he is naturally very concerned about her wellbeing. So much so, that he brings her one of his toys to make her feel better.

Weaver tweeted photos of her adorable, well-meaning dog bringing her one of his toys while she’s in the shower.

“Every time I’m in the shower my dog stares at me, worried, and he must assume I’m upset in here (because he hates baths) so he thinks if he drops his toy in that I’ll feel better,” she tweeted under the username @rudeweaver.

The 1-year-old dog must love his mom very much to face his fears in order to make sure she is OK. Good boy, Clark!

By: Stephanie Brown

Feature Image: Via rudeweaver/Twitter