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Dog Puts His Comfort First And Pulls His Beds Together To Make Giant Bed

The moment we decide to lay our heads down for a snooze or a full night’s rest, our beds better be cozy. And sometimes we need to add extra blankets and pillows to make it juusssstt right. That’s certainly what a dog named Finnick did when he decided to drag his bed over to his other bed and pile them on top of each other to catch some shut-eye. Their family had just moved into a new home, and Finnick’s mom thought he wanted to add his personal cozy touch to the new space.

“I think he was trying to make things feel more like home,” Rachel Canfield told The Dodo.

Found these two voluntarily laying this close?

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Finnick is a Golden Chow mix and lives with his human parents and dog sister, Eevee, in Atlanta, Georgia. Finnick’s mom posted photos of him hilariously prioritizing his comfort with the dog beds on Instagram.

Finn is feeling the finals stress

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You do you, Finnick!

By: Chrissa Hardy

Feature Image: Via eeveeandfinnick/Instagram