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Dog Commands 101: Train Your Dog to Shake a Paw

shake a paw

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How to Train Your Dog to Give Paw

Are you looking for easy dog commands and tricks to teach your dog? The paw-fect way to start is to train your dog to shake a paw. This command is one of the most simple tricks to teach dogs and is very easy to do at home.

This easy shake a paw trick will teach your pet to stay focused during training while establishing you as leader of the pack.

A dog handshake isn’t only one of the simplest tricks to teach dogs, but it’s also a dog command that will never lose its cuteness. Seriously, what is more adorable than a dog handshake?

This video shows you the fast route to mastering shake a paw, so you can start showing off your dog’s new tricks to your friends and family. They’re sure to beg for an encore anytime you say, “Give me a paw.”

So, what are you waiting for? Grab those treats, train your dog to shake a paw, and start melting hearts (yours included!) with this adorable dog command.