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Dog Brothers Get Their Own Bunk Bed So They Never Have To Sleep Apart

You can’t choose your family, so hopefully the people you end up living with are people you actually enjoy being around. For dog brothers Rowdy and Rigby, this is definitely the case. They’ve lived together with their dad, Luke Swanberg, for almost two years, and are rarely ever apart, The Dodo reports.

“Rowdy is a rule-follower, and gets very anxious when things aren’t just-so,” Swanberg told The Dodo. “Rigby is a lover, he always wants to snuggle and give kisses. Sometimes they argue over toys and who gets pets, but they snuggle up with each other all the time.”

They can usually be found napping in the same dog bed, meant for one, so Swanberg decided to build them a bunk bed. And the dogs love their bunk bed.

“They’ve been using them nonstop,” Swanberg said. “I can’t get them out of the beds to go out at night. Normally when I come home after work they’re all over me, but today they didn’t even get up.”

Sometimes they even cuddle up in the bottom bunk together. These two are the cutest cuddle buddies ever.

By: Chrissa Hardy