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Christmas Names for Pets

Pet Names Inspired by the Holiday Season

With the holidays right around the corner, you might be feeling a bit festive, so it’s the perfect time to consider some Christmas pet names that would be great for your new cat or dog. There is no end to the cute options or holiday and Christmas names for pets, but some are admittedly more clever than others. To help you come up with some of your own Christmas names for pets, we checked in with the staff of Cat Talk Magazine, a bi-monthly publication by The Cat Fanciers’ Association, for options. While their suggestions mostly came from felines, these suggestions work just as well for all types of pets.

Christmas Pet Names

  1. Cave in to the Classics

    The holidays are a time of tradition, so you can’t go wrong with beloved classic options that are sure to tug at your heartstrings, including Noel, Nick and Carol (as in Christmas carol), as well as Angel, Merry and Eve.

  2. Go With a Theme

    If you’re expecting a litter and they just happen to show up right around the holidays—or they are in some way associated with the holidays—it’s fun to go with a theme to name them all. For example, one Cat Talk Magazine staffer had a litter of kittens delivered by their mother—named Ladakedi Jingle Belle—who was born on Christmas Eve. Kittens from that litter were named Furrst Noel, Deck the Halls, Little Drummer Boy, Joy to the World, and Tiny Tim (who was the runt of the crew, obviously).

  3. Think Sweet Treats

    Think outside of the box with your holiday-themed pet name by including some of your favorite seasonal desserts, which can make for great pet names. Some examples are Candy, Fudge, Candy Cane and Sugar Plum.

  4. Use Predestined Holiday Names

    There are already some great options for Christmas names for pets in various holiday movies, stories and songs. Ideas include Rudolph, Dancer or Prancer (you get the idea here), Grinch and Jiminy Christmas.

  5. Consider the Whole Package

    Your sweet bundle of fur is going to remind you of the holiday season all year round when you gift her with a Christmas pet name, so why not return the present by using a (sweet) holiday-wrapping-themed moniker. Some ideas the Cat Talk Magazine staff had were Ribbons, Twinkle, Stockings, Star, Tinsel and Glitter.

Whether you’re looking for Christmas names for dogs or cats, all of these pet names will be sure to bring in the holiday cheer (all year long!). If you do surprise your family with a new furry friend, shop our holiday gift guide to spoil them with some of our favorite gifts.

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