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Chewy’s Picks: Customer Service VP Kelli Durkin Shares Her Dog’s Favorite Products

As the leader of Chewy’s award-winning customer service department, vice president Kelli Durkin puts the needs of her customers and her team above all else. Her 3-year-old English Bulldog Wynnie, on the other hand, has a different approach to life.

“She’s a little firecracker,” Durkin laughs. “She definitely has an attitude. She rules the roost. She’s really sweet, really loving—but she doesn’t have a lot of tolerance for any other dog.”

Despite her take-charge personality, Wynnie, named for the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami where she was adopted in 2016, manages to get along with the other dogs in Durkin’s life. The pair share a home with Durkin’s boyfriend and his French Bulldog, Sonny, and up until recently, Durkin’s own Frenchie, Bruno, who sadly passed away earlier this year.

Durkin had adopted Bruno shortly after starting at Chewy in 2011.

“I adopted him about two weeks after starting at Chewy, and so he grew up with the company,” she says. “He kind of became the unofficial Chewy mascot.”

Bruno passed away in April 2019. But with her big personality, Wynnie also has won the hearts of Durkin and the rest of the Chewy squad.

“She’s like your stereotypical roly-poly dog,” Durkin says. “She wants a belly rub. She wants treats all the time. She just wants to be with you. She’s very loyal, very protective.”

And Bruno’s legacy has helped guide Durkin when it comes to taking care of both Wynnie and Sonny.

“After Bruno, it’s like, you only want the best for them,” Durkin says.

These are the products that Durkin and her pups can’t live without.

Chewy's Picks: Sojos

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Sojos Peanut Butter Honey Flavor Dog Treats

Durkin is careful to keep Wynnie at a healthy weight, which means keeping a close eye on her diet and being extra-picky when it comes to treats.

“I don’t give her a lot of treats,” she admits, “but when I do, it’s Sojos.”

Wynnie loves the peanut butter and honey flavor combo, she says, and they make for an ideal snack.

“They’re small and healthy,” Durkin adds.

Find Sojos Peanut Butter Honey dog treats here.

Chewy's Picks: Tylee's

By Chewy Studios


Tylee’s Human-Grade Turkey Recipe Frozen Dog Food

Durkin’s committed to giving Wynnie the best diet possible—and for her, that means feeding fresh food.

“I feed Tylee’s because it’s the fresh option Chewy offers,” Durkin explains.

Tylee’s turkey flavor is made from human-grade ingredients, meaning they’ve been legally deemed edible for humans. In addition to turkey, it contains healthy ingredients like spinach, sweet potato, and cranberries—and no undesirable additives like artificial flavors or colorings.

“I just want to feed her the most healthy thing I can,” Durkin says.

Find Tylee’s Turkey Recipe Dog Food here.

Chewy's Picks: Lamb Chop

By Chewy Studios


Multipet Lamb Chop Plush Dog Toy

When it’s time to snuggle up, Wynnie heads straight to a popular plushie—a character who was once a favorite of kids across the country, too.

“Lamb Chop is one of her favorite toys,” Durkin says. And for Wynnie, a pup with a discerning attitude, that’s really saying something.

This Lambie is made for playtime games like fetch, but is also soft enough for post-playtime cuddles. And a squeaker sewn inside the toy keeps dogs engaged.

Find the Multipet Lamb Chop toy here.

Chewy's Picks: Gorilla Dog Toy

By Chewy Studios


Frisco Muscle Plush Squeaking Gorilla Dog Toy

Both Wynnie and her brother Sonny are “big chewers,” Durkin explains. That makes it hard to find plush toys that Wynnie can resist tearing apart in the course of play. But this gorilla, with both soft and tough materials, has fit the bill.

It’s another of Wynnie’s favorite plushies, Durkin says, perhaps due to its built-in squeaker or its ultra-soft fabric that she’d rather snuggle than shred. Its rubber abdomen adds a sturdy center to the toy as well. Plus, it’s available in different sizes, so Wynnie’s great ape is no bigger than she needs it to be.

Find the Frisco Muscle Plush Squeaking Gorilla toy here.

Chewy's Picks: Monkey Dog Toy

By Chewy Studios


Frisco Plush Squeaking Monkey Dog Toy

Clearly, Wynnie has a thing for monkeys.

“Along with the lamb and gorilla, this is one of her favorite toys,” Durkin says.

It’s easy to see why. This monkey is designed for maximum softness, perfect for impromptu naps. But it’s also equipped with an internal squeaker that can get Wynnie revved up to play a game of fetch or tug-of-war.

Find the Frisco Plush Squeaking Monkey Dog Toy here.

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