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Meet Cute Stories: Chewy Pet Parents Share How Their Pets Played Matchmaker

When you think of matchmakers, Cupid holding heart-tipped arrows or your college roommate (who always seemed to want to set you up with a friend of a friend) might be the first to come to mind. But, in our opinion, the best matchmakers are of the four-legged, fur-covered variety. Yes, meet cutes can sometimes be spurred on thanks to the pets in our lives, resulting in plenty of tail wags, dog park play dates, and—if you’re lucky­—even canine wedding ring bearers.

Throughout February, we’ve been showcasing some of these pet-centric meet cutes, and the stories have been so doggone sweet. Take Alex and Kelly Cramer, for instance. This Minnesota couple first crossed paths at the dog park, when Kelly just couldn’t resist rubbing the belly of her now-husband’s Golden Retriever. Another couple ended up finding love when an ice cream-eating Cocker Spaniel sparked a conversation between them.

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, we were hungry for more, so we asked Chewy’s social media followers how their pet sparked love in their lives, and the stories were sweeter than both a box of chocolates and a box of conversation hearts combined!

Below, see several short stories about four-legged matchmakers belonging to Chewy pet parents that made us hit that “like” button.

Meet Cute


Best Dog and Mutt of Honor

“My husband and I met at the dog park. His dog Max and my dog Nala were best man and maid of honor at our wedding. [We’ve been] together for nine years, and [are] expecting our second child this month.” @Sljoseph via Instagram

Meet Cute


Great Danes in the DMs

“We are both Great Dane owners and met here on Instagram. He (@lieutenant_dane) lives in Long Island, NY, and I live in San Diego, CA. Long distance—but not for long! [I’m] moving to the East Coast in March.” @______payasa______ via Instagram

Meet Cute


When [Dog Walking] Paths Cross

“We lived a block away from each other and walked our dogs on the same route in the opposite direction every day. We officially met on @bumble, and then we started walking our dogs together. Now, all four of us live together.” @Twoborkboy via Instagram

Meet Cute


Dog Park Chance Encounters

“Our dogs introduced us at the dog park. He had a mellow black Lab mix and I had a rambunctious Husky. We are now a happy family of four and are getting married in October! I am so thankful for our girls, for not only being the best dogs, but also being the best matchmakers!” —Adrian Cobiella via Facebook

Meet Cute


Cruising for Love

“I was working double shifts at a restaurant and my Alaskan Malamute Chinook was not getting the attention he needed. It really bothered me. My (now) hubby—we had just started dating at the time—showed up at my workplace and asked me to walk outside. There I saw his white convertible Corvette… and Chinook [my dog] proudly sitting in the passenger seat! I knew right then he was a keeper!” —Judy Koenig Browne via Facebook