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It’s always good to have a travel buddy, so why not take your four-legged best friend along on your next trip? When you’re planning dog-friendly vacations or flying with a dog or cat, check here first for helpful tips. Pet travel can be fun and stress-free if you know about the pet-friendly hotels and dog-friendly restaurants in the area where you and your furry crew will be more than welcome. Find out which pet carriers are best for flights or how to prepare for a road trip with a dog. Camping with dogs comes with its own set of to-do’s before you head off, and we’ll show you exactly what you need to pack. For those times when you have to leave your pets at home, having a pet sitter checklist can put a pet parent’s mind at ease. And when you’re just running errands, a hands-free pet sling and a car that’s prepped for pet travel will let you keep your fluffsters right by your side.

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