Pet Parenting DIY & Recipes

Are you a natural when it comes to DIY crafts? Or maybe you’re a pro at baking and you’re looking for some unique recipes for delicious homemade dog treats. Even if you aren’t an expert when it comes to DIY, these craft ideas, dog treat recipes and cat treat recipes come with step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. The end products are worth the effort, if you ask your pets. You can surprise them with homemade peanut butter dog treats, learn how to make a cat house or find out how to make cat toys from felt and catnip! Get the whole family involved by checking out our craft ideas for kids, building a cornhole game from a Chewy box, or trying some fun Halloween dog treat recipes. Our DIY section is full of easy DIY crafts, whether you’re looking for cardboard crafts to repurpose our Chewy boxes or seasonal cat and dog treat recipes.