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Cat Moods: The Good, The Bad and The Hilarious

One minute your cat is cuddly and cute, the next minute he’s trying to attack your shoes! Cat moods can be so unpredictable. Just check out the cats in these funny video clips:

Playful? Bored? Hungry? Angry? Hangry? Cats certainly have a wide range of moods. But how can you tell exactly what mood they’re in?

Understanding cat behavior and body language as well as getting to know your own cat’s personality can go a long way in deciphering your cat’s moods. Happy cats, for example, often have a raised tail that’s curved at the end and soft, slow blinking eyes. Angry or annoyed cats, on the other hand, often have fast-wagging tails and make loud, long vocalizations. Get more information on how to read your cat’s moods here.

Although we may not always understand our cat’s behavior, we can always appreciate when they show us affection. Their unique personality is one of the reasons why we love them so much.

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