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Cat Is Obsessed With Catching Q-Tips

Cats have a special talent for turning anything—even trash (actually, especially trash) — into cat toys. Oh, did you just buy your cat a fancy-pants toy for $25? Well, the joke’s on you because your Mr. Fluffy would be perfectly happy playing with a bottle cap.

Of course, when it comes to found or homemade toys, you’ll want to supervise playtime to make sure your cat doesn’t get a little too overzealous and accidentally ingest something he shouldn’t.

For a cat named Sasha, there is no better toy than a Q-tip. Her owner shared photos on Imgur of her catching cotton swabs, and it seems this game could keep her occupied for hours. For such a small object, it invokes a whole lot of emotion.

1. The One-Handed Grab

It’s a bold move and should be used by Q-tip-catching experts only.

2. The Almost Had It

“It slipped right through my paws!”

3. The I Can’t Believe I Actually Caught It

“ZOMGGGGGG! I am the Q-tip Queen!”

4. The Unexpected Q-tip

“Today is my lucky day!”

5. The Balancing Act

“Look, Mom! No Hands.”

6. The Where’d It Go?

It’s on your head, silly.

7. The Too Mesmerized To Move

“It’s so beautiful.”

By: Stephanie Brown