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Cat Dominates Pet Bed Despite Dog’s Attempts

The power of a cat is exponentially greater than a cat’s size. Felines are small, but they run the house. If you disagree, and there’s a cat in your house, think about the last time you slept in. One dog learns the power of cats and has his lesson caught on video and posted to YouTube.

Laura Buey shared the pet video of a pretty big mixed-breed dog trying to reclaim a pet bed from a cat and the ensuing revelation that the bed simply isn’t for dogs anymore.

A glare can say so much. Via Laura Buey/YouTube

A glare can say so much. Via Laura Buey/YouTube

The green cushion clearly looks like it was purchased for a much bigger pet than the light ginger cat comfortably perched upon it. And yet, no one (hint, hint, dog) should try to tell this cat that the bed is for dogs.

"Can I have just this corner?" Via Laura Buey/YouTube

“Can I have just this corner?” Via Laura Buey/YouTube

Still, the dog tries repeatedly to claim even a little corner of the bed over and over again. Each time, the dog — wisely — looks to the cat for approval. The cat, however, never gives it.

By: Anastasia Thrift