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Bone Bone: The Cat With Twice The Name And Four Times The Fluff

The world is a big place, which is good because there’s a cat who needs plenty of room for all his fluff. Bone Bone is a part-Persian cat from Thailand whose fluffy coat, outdoor adventures and spiky backpack have garnered him lots of fans. Since word spread about the large-and-in-charge feline on news sites this week, his Instagram following went from below 40,000 to nearly 70,000.

It’s easy to see why. Photos and videos show how magnetic his uber-furry presence is. Wherever he goes, he looks like he rules the place.

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He already has a solid fan base in Asia, where he tours cities and jungles, hits beaches and makes appearances at malls to greet his fans. And at each spot, he sports his stylish spiky backpack.

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At every stop, this cat looks comfortable and sassy. There doesn’t seem to be a single thing that ruffles Bone Bone’s ample fur. Maybe that’s why he’s got a loyal following — that confidence is charismatic!

พี่ยังเป็นเด็กอยู่นะ 555555

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Now that his fame is worldwide, we wonder where he will show up next. We definitely have our wish list. Come visit the States, Bone Bone!

By: Anastasia Thrift

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