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These 6 Hidden Litter Boxes Are Masters of Disguise

It has to be said. Your basic litter box, while perfectly functional and a non-negotiable when it comes to life with a cat, can be straight-up ugly with no truly “perfect” place to stash one. But, that’s not where this story ends. Thanks to some totally brilliant designs (we’re betting created by cat parents!) such as hidden litter boxes and litter box furniture disguised as tables, benches, planters and more, you don’t have to live that ugly litter box life.

Ready to replace the pan you have crammed in the corner next to the toilet? Check out these surprisingly chic hidden litter boxes that prove you don’t have to forego style or ruin your home’s aesthetic in order to meet your pet’s needs.

Hidden Litter Box

Unipaws Decorative Cat Litter Box Enclosure

With its wide top and modern design, this hidden litter box is as discreet as it is multi-functional. No longer relegated to the bathroom, you can keep it in your entryway, in the living room as a side table or anywhere else you could use additional storage space. It features an interior partition panel that helps catch litter, or you can remove the partition to make way for a larger kitty. You can also position the entrance so it's on the left or right side.

Perfect for: Entryways and living rooms

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Hidden Litter Box

Frisco Decorative Side Table Cat Litter Box Cover

We love the espresso finish that gives this piece of litter box furniture a classic wood-like appearance. As an end table, this one boasts an impressive height, standing at just over two feet tall. The litter box sits neatly inside and has a roomy entry/exit for Ms. or Mr. Kitty. There's also a built-in shelf you can use to store personal items, like magazines, books or cat toys and accessories.

Perfect for: Cat parents with a fondness for classic design

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Hidden Litter Box

Good Pet Stuff Hidden Cat Litter Planter

Talk about clever disguises! At first glance this looks like an unsuspecting house plant in a beautiful clay pot, but it’s actually a creatively hidden litter box. Of course the faux plant doesn't require watering, and the enclosure is big enough to fit large cats. It also features a filtered vent system that controls both dust and odor. If you want to get creative, some pet parents have even replaced the leafy greens with fake flora and fauna of their own choosing, so you can really make this baby fit in with your home’s aesthetic.

Perfect for: Cat parents who may also be plant parents

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Hidden Litter Box

Unipaws Decorative Bench Cat Litter Box Enclosure

Your options are endless with this wide, modern-meets-industrial hidden litter box bench by Unipaws. Its width and length make it particularly roomy for your cat, and its sleek design will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your home’s décor. Use it as a bench or extra storage in any room of the house, and you can even keep a scooper or extra hand towels handy by hanging them from the iron rack. Bonus: The entryway is shaped like a cat—how cute is that?

Perfect for: A contemporarily styled home

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Hidden Litter Box

Trixie Two-Story Wooden Hidden Cat Litter Box Enclosure

This two-story design not only feels like a luxury condo for your cat, but it’ll help catch litter before they exit. (No more sandy bathroom floors for you!) Simply place a litter pan at the bottom level and swing shut the magnetic-close cabinet door. A round hole in the partition allows your cat easy access to the pan to do their business. Pro tip: Place a litter mat on the top shelf to further prevent litter tracking.

Perfect for: The bougiest of felines

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Hidden Litter Box

Merry Products Washroom Night Stand Multifunctional Litter Pan Cover

The wood paneling adds a bit of a rustic touch to this discreet and versatile piece of litter box furniture. Available in three color options that include white, espresso and walnut, we think it looks and serves best when placed in the bathroom or laundry room—although you can stylishly stash it just about anywhere. In addition to housing your kitty’s restroom, it offers extra storage, via a shelf and stainless steel towel bar.

Perfect for: Bathroom and laundry room storage

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In Love With These Stylish Options? Just Read This Before You Replace Your Cat’s Litter Box…

Selecting a litter box is simple enough. But, according to veterinarian Dr. Chris Roth, DVM, of Meridian, Indiana, there some rules of thumb to abide by when setting up the perfect cat commode in your abode.

  1. Select a box based on your personal preference, but do be open to changing things up according to your cat’s reaction. Not every kitty will take to a covered litter box, for instance, and you may have to explore options that aren’t completely enclosed.
  2. “Make sure the box is large enough for the cat so they can turn around and squat comfortably. Some male cats may require a box with higher sides to avoid spraying over the sides,” says Dr. Roth.
  3. Have the same number of boxes as you have cats, plus one extra, and clean them daily. “Problems arise when the box is dirty, and the cat cannot find a clean spot to walk or do their business,” explains Dr. Roth.
  4. The type of litter is very important, as well. Many cats have a preference on the type and odor of the litter. Find the brand or type that your cat likes best and stick with it.

Many cats will enjoy and happily use hidden litter boxes! If your cat isn’t using the intended box, that could be a sign it’s not clean enough, it’s not large enough or they don’t like the type of litter. If you address these common issues and your cat is still not using the litter box, schedule a vet visit to make sure there aren’t any underlying medical issues at play. You can also read more about why your kitty may not be using their litter box here.

Now go forth and decree your unsightly litter box a thing of the past! Your home—and fab feline—deserve it.

By: Wendy Rose Gould
Wendy Rose Gould is a lifestyle reporter based in Phoenix, Arizona, who covers both pets and lifestyle for such publications as Reader's Digest, NBC, Real Simple, Brides, and Business Insider.