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Best Halloween-Themed Dog Names

Many people love animals, while others love Halloween. When a person is especially committed to both, chances are they will give their furry friend a Halloween pet name. If you fall under this category, check out our list of spooky, but funny dog names below.

Jack. For those who like the holiday, but don’t want their pet’s name to scream Halloween, Jack is the perfect name to give your loving pooch. Simple enough to pass for a normal name, but also subtly alluding to the Halloween-favorite pumpkin (jack-o’-lantern), the name Jack is the best of both worlds. Jane Rainier, Canine Wellness Specialist and owner of Luckie Dog Wellness in Baltimore, Maryland, says that during her 10 years in business, she has worked with many pets that have funny dog names. “I worked with Jack, a [7-year-old] Golden Retriever, who was born in October and had a bit of an overbite that made his mouth look like a smile from a jack-o-lantern.”

Frankenstein. If your pet is a little monster at heart, perhaps the name Frankenstein is the perfect fit for your furry friend. A simultaneously spooky and lovable name, Frankenstein can easily be shortened to the sweet nicknames Frankie or Frank.

Pumpkin. Thankfully for holiday-loving pet parents, the options for Halloween dog names are vast. Sally A. Morgan, PT and CST at Holistic Physical Therapy for Pets and People in West Hatfield, Massachusetts, says that one of the many Halloween pet names she has encountered was a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix named Pumpkin. “Pumpkin was the color of a pumpkin… [and her parent] could not decide what to call [her, so she] called her that [name] until she could come up with a better [one],” says Morgan. “However, there was no better name and Pumpkin became her permanent name. Her kind disposition and easygoing attitude made Pumpkin the perfect name for the perfect dog.” Check out the Frisco Pumpkin Dog & Cat Costume to give your pet Pumpkin a fitting costume to wear for Halloween!

Gremlin and Gargoyle. Morgan says she once knew a 3-year-old French Bulldog with the clever Halloween dog name of Gremlin. “Another Frenchie I know is named Gargoyle. He has a dark, slightly brindle color [and is] about 10 years old. With his dark face, he indeed looks like a gargoyle. His nickname is Gerry [and his owner] loves to tell people his real name when the dog [sits] slightly perched… looking exactly like a gargoyle taken from Notre Dame.”

Bat. Do you have a pet with black fur? Or maybe a nocturnal pup who likes to sleep during the day? In that case, “Bat” may be the perfect name to call your fur baby. Short and sweet, the name Bat is easy to call out and fits into the Halloween spirit. To complement your pet’s name, try the Frisco Reflective Bat Dog Costume to give your furry friend the authentic-looking wings and ears of the only flying mammal!

Ghost. “I knew a white Border Collie with a few black spots named Ghost,” says Morgan. “This dog was very quiet and, often, you were not aware of his presence until his nose hit the back of your leg. He ran like the wind and had a strong personality, but was also very secretive.”

Yoda. A real fan favorite, the name Yoda will ensure that the force be with your furry best friend both throughout Halloween and every other time of the year. Perfect for pets with distinguishable ears, this name is guaranteed to tug at everyone’s heart strings when they hear you call your fur baby. Give your little one the perfect Halloween costume to pair with his name, such as this Rubie’s Costume Company Yoda Ears Dog Costume.

So, whether you love animals, love Halloween, or love both, Halloween pet names are a fun and creative alternative to more traditional options. And, just like we enjoy seasonal treats, your dog can, too, with delicious fall-themed pet foods and treats. Always remember to speak with your veterinarian before making any drastic changes in your pet’s food.

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