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Best Halloween-Themed Cat Names

Halloween has become somewhat synonymous with the black cat. But Halloween-loving pet parents don’t have to have a black cat to have fun with their pet’s name. Awesome opportunities for Halloween pet names abound for every feline! We checked in with the staff of Cat Talk Magazine, a bi-monthly publication by The Cat Fanciers’ Association, for some of their best suggestions for Halloween cat names.

These Halloween cat names are downright purr-fect. Take a look!

Warlock: Your cat doesn’t need to be a sorcerer or practice witchcraft to make this classic Halloween term work as a name. A cat named Warlock is sure to ward of any potential intruders from your home.

If your cat’s spooky name isn’t enough to keep the bad Halloween juju away, some hair-raising (or should we say fur?) pet costumes for cats is sure to ward off unwanted guests. The California Costumes Lion Mane cat costume will transform your fur baby to a ferocious beast in a matter of minutes.

Samantha: Bewitched lovers will delight in naming their furry friends after the heroine of the classic show, in which a witch marries an ordinary man and finds her witchy powers are more than a little useful in her day-to-day life. Samantha is a great Halloween pet name because it’s so common that, if you like, it can be your little secret whom your cat is actually named after.

For cats who’d rather embrace their inner royalty than practice witchcraft, there’s Rubie’s Costume Company Princess Cat Costume. Complete with an adorable and comfortable pink dress adorned with rosettes, pink ribbon leg ties and a conical hat, this costume will surely have trick-or-treaters bowing down to your royal highness.

Endora (or Tabitha or Dr. Bombay, too!): Samantha isn’t the only great option for a Halloween cat name you could pull from Bewitched. Endora and Tabitha make great cat names, too—as does Dr. Bombay.

Chucky: If naming your cat Chucky doesn’t conjure up scary images of a red-haired doll in your mind, then it’s a great—and actually kind of cute—choice for a Halloween pet name.

Elmer: One Cat Talk staffer took some artistic liberties by using the name Elmer to turn A Nightmare on Elm Street into a Halloween pet name for a cat. (Elmer’s sister is appropriately named Halloween.)

Edward Scissorclaws: In an homage to both the classic dark fantasy film “Edward Scissorhands” and to our furry feline friends’ amazing razor sharp claws (aka their natural scissorhands), Edward Scissorclaws is a pretty funny cat name that works well for Halloween lovers. 

Muggle: Bringing it back to a more recent classic, “Harry Potter” fans andHalloween lovers might pride themselves in picking Muggle as their Halloween cat name. J.K. Rowling would surely approve.

To get your new cat in the Halloween spirit, there are plenty of costumes you can choose from.

Of course now that you’ve got the most amazing Halloween cat name ideas for your cat, the only thing left to do is to give her some equally fun and festive (but still healthy!) treats.

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