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Best Dog Halloween Costumes Inspired by Your Hobbies

How do you know you’re officially the “Crazy Dog Lady?” For me, it was when my main man, Murphy, won his first dog Halloween costume contest.

My dog-friendly office sponsors the competition each Halloween. Although we entered on a whim, once Murph got a taste of victory, it became serious business.

Every year since, Murph has continued to slay the competition with his natural Shih Tzu swagger. With so many great dog Halloween costumes to choose from these days, it can be hard to decide which direction to go in. Cute or scary? Trendy or old-school? Keep it simple, or go all out?

To keep things fun for both yourself and your pup this Halloween season, consider basing your dog’s costume on one of your favorite hobbies. Some of the best dog Halloween costumes are those that are show off what you’re passionate about in life—besides your dog, of course!

Best Dog Halloween Costumes for Film Buffs

Calling all cinephiles! Do you line up for opening night premieres? Have you dressed up for your favorite franchise releases? If so, a film-inspired costume might be for you—er, your dog. After all, there’s nothing like seeing your favorite big-screen characters reimagined as adorable dogs.

Batman Dog Costume

Batman is great, but really, Batdog is way better. This three-piece Batman dog costume from Rubie's Costume Company transforms your dog into the Dark Knight. The comfy shirt and cape feature easy-close fuzzy fasteners, and the headpiece has a drawstring for tightening.

It is available in multiple sizes, and pet parents rave about how easy it is to put on their dogs.

Ghostbuster Dog Costume

best dog halloween costumes - ghostbuster dog costume

Who you gonna call? The most adorable ghostbuster ever, that’s who! This two-piece Ghostbuster dog costume from Rubie's Costume Company features an inflatable proton pack printed to look exactly like the movie props. It would make for a great group costume, too—all you need is yourself and a couple other dogs or friends to round out the ghostbuster team.

Jedi Robe Dog Costume

dog halloween costumes - jedi

The force is strong with this Jedi robe costume. This two-piece Jedi dog costume from Rubie's Costume Company includes a cape with optional ear holes, ensuring comfort for pups of all shapes and sizes. It’s not only perfect for Halloween, but it’s also a festive costume for the next “Star Wars” premiere. (Don’t act like you won’t be watching with your dog.)

Best Dog Halloween Costumes for Disney Lovers

Most kids love a trip to Disney. And for some of us big kids, the magic never fades. For die-hard Disney fans, consider letting your pup in on all of the magical fun this Halloween by dressing them up in a Disney dog costume. For one night a year, you can introduce your dog to a whole new world.

Ariel Disney Princess Dog Costume

Disney dog costume - Ariel

If your dog loves the sea and you love Disney, then look no further—you’ve found your dog’s alter ego! Rubie's Costume Company's “Little Mermaid” dog costume comes complete with a ruby red wig, a seashell top and an iridescent mermaid tail. It’s sure to make serious waves this Halloween.

Snow White Disney Princess Dog Costume

Your dog’s a princess, she just doesn’t know it yet. Rubie's Costume Company's Snow White dog costume is what fairytales are made of. It features a dress with an attached collar, a choker and Snow White’s signature red bow. Pet parents give it two thumbs up for how the bow stays in place and how comfy their dogs are in the costume.

Mickey Mouse Ears for Dogs

best dog halloween costumes - disney

If your four-legged friend doesn’t like wearing clothes, this simple Mickey Mouse headpiece from Rubie's Costume Company might be the answer. Easy to wear, it fits a large range of breeds—and might even be tolerated by easygoing cats. Plus, if your family trips with your dog include going to Disney, your pup can dress for the occasion.

Best Dog Halloween Costumes for Foodies

It’s a great time to be a foodie. Whether you’re a taco fanatic, health-conscious vegan or carnivore with a sweet tooth, there’s a whole world of good eats out there.

You love food and you love dogs. Put these loves together, and what do you get? These amazing foodie-friendly costumes.

Taco Dog Costume

Dog taco costume

Ay caramba! This deliciously cute taco dog costume from Frisco features all the fixings. Neck and belly straps with hook and loop fasteners ensure it stays on securely, even through all those selfies. Have your pup parade it around on Halloween or any Taco Tuesday.

Hotdog with Ketchup Dog Costume

best dog costumes - hotdog

The hotdog costume is a classic for a reason—it’s amazing. This cozy hotdog costume from Frisco sandwiches your pet between two plush sesame seed buns, making for a comfortable fashion statement. While an obvious choice for Dachshunds, pet parents love this costume for pooches of all shapes and sizes, from Pitties to Pomeranians.

Sushi Dog Costume

Best dog halloween costumes - sushi

Did someone order the cutest salmon roll ever? Rubie's Costume Company's sushi dog costume comes with an iconic rising sun headband for your little maki master. Halloween is all about treats, so consider surprising your pup with a sushi dog toy later in the evening.

Best Dog Halloween Costumes for Sports Fans

The best thing about being a true sports fan? No matter the weekend, no matter the season, there’s always a great game to watch. And if you have a dog, you always have a buddy to cheer along with each game.

Every sports fanatic will root for these sports-themed pet costumes. From cheerleaders to football stars, get ready for these Halloween MVPs (Most Valuable Pups, of course).

Cheerleader Dog Costume

Dog halloween costume - cheerleader

Happy-go-lucky and naturally bouncy, dogs are the perfect cheerleaders. This five-piece cheerleader dog costume from Rubie's includes “pom-pom” anklets, for an extra-festive ensemble. With patriotic colors, it’s also the perfect choice for patriotic celebrations, like the Fourth of July.

NFL Dog Jersey

Dog Halloween costumes - NFL jersey Patriots

If you’re a football fan, consider a pup-sized jersey of your favorite team or player. This New England Patriots dog jersey from Pets First, for example, is made from comfortable, breathable mesh. With woven trim and a tailored fit, it looks just like a real NFL uniform. Your dog can wear it on Halloween, as well as every Sunday.

Pets First MLB Dog Jersey

Dog halloween costumes - MLB jersey

Baseball fans, we have you covered. These pro-inspired pet baseball jerseys from Pets First come in several teams and sizes. Details such as faux buttons and screen-printed lettering add authentic appeal. Complete the look with a baseball dog toy.

Trick or treat? When you’re celebrating with your pets, you can enjoy plenty of both. Happy Halloween, and good luck at the costume contest!

By: Monica Weymouth

Monica Weymouth is a writer, editor and certified Weird Animal Lady. She lives in Philadelphia with her two rescued Shih Tzus.