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Best Black Friday Deals for New Kitten Parents

We know you’re not “kitten” around when you say you’re beyond excited to be the owner of a new kitty. Most pet parents would agree that bringing home a fuzzy, little bundle of joy is the greatest feeling on the planet, but spoiling your kitten comes in close second.

That’s why we’ve done some digging and found the best Black Friday deals to help you stock up on all the essentials for your newest pair of claws. Check out our awesome offers on purr-fect gifts to welcome your newest feline family member.

1. Frisco Lightweight Floral Fresh Scent Cat Litter

Black Friday Deals: Frisco cat litter


Litter training your kitten? Frisco’s Lightweight Floral Fresh Scent Cat Litter is tough on odors, but it’s about half the weight of other clay litters. It has a unique deodorizing system that activates every time your kitten uses the box to keep it smelling fresh. Plus, the lighter weight makes it easier to carry and pour.

Black Friday Deal: Get 50% off your first purchase of Frisco’s Lightweight Floral Fresh Scent Cat Litter

2. Get Naked Kitten Health Grain-Free Soft Cat Treats

Black Friday Deals: kitten treats


Low in calories and rich in flavor, these heart-shaped kitten treats are a delicious and nutritious way to say, “I love you.” Made with real chicken and DHA omega 3 fatty acids, Get Naked’s Kitten Health bite-sized treats are formulated to provide your little feline with the nutrients she needs to grow strong and develop cognitively.

Black Friday Deal: Get 30% off Get Naked’s Kitten Health Grain-Free Soft Cat Treats

3. Onguard Flea & Tick Treatment for Cats & Kittens

Black Friday Deals: Onguard flea and tick meds for cats and kttens


Even indoor-only cats can get fleas, whether from another pet or if your kitten has access to a patio, balcony or window screen. Protect your kitty from the start with Onguard’s Flea & Tick Treatment for Cats & Kittens.

This topical treatment is formulated to kill all life stages of flea and ticks on cats at least 8 weeks old and 1.5 pounds. All you have to do is squeeze the treatment onto your cat’s skin between the shoulder blades. Long-lasting and waterproof, it’s effective even if your kitten’s fur gets wet.

Black Friday Deal: Get 50% off your first purchase of Onguard’s flea and tick treatment

4. Fat Cat Big Mama’s Scratch ‘N Play Ramp

Black Friday Deals: cat scratcher


There’s one thing kittens never lack: energy, energy and more energy! Tap into your kitten’s urge to play and scratch with this fun ramp that gives her an appropriate place to go wild with her claws.

A small toy and catnip help attract your kitten to the scratcher—and save your furniture and other household items from her claws in the process. Don’t worry, we won’t tell your kitten what the real motive is here.

Black Friday Deal: Get 35% off Fat Cat Big Mama’s Scratch ‘N Play Ramp

5. Drinkwell Stoneware Avalon Pet Fountain

Black Friday Deals: drinkwell water fountain for cats


Paws up if your cat is a fan of fresh water! We thought so. Give your purr baby the gift of fresher, cleaner water this holiday season with a pet fountain that continuously filters and recirculates her water supply.

Hygienic, easy to clean, and elegant in design, this water fountain helps your kitten stay hydrated with high-quality water year-round. Now that’s a purr-ty good deal.

Black Friday Deal: Get 37% off Drinkwell’s Stoneware Avalon Pet Fountain

6. Ethical Pet Spin About Electronic Laser & Treat Dispenser Cat Toy

Keeping your kitten entertained hours on end can be a challenge, but not with the right toy in her paws. Ethical Pet’s Spin About interactive cat toy is designed to hold and intermittently dispense your cat’s favorite treats.

When you need a break from endless kitten energy, simply turn the toy on and watch your little hunter chase, bat and bunny kick. The toy shuts off after 10 minutes to preserve battery life.

Black Friday Deal: Get 29% off Ethical Pet’s Spin About Electronic Laser & Treat Dispenser Cat Toy

7. Frisco Deluxe 48-inch Cat Tree

Black Friday Deals: Cat tree


It’s time to give your kitty queen a castle to rule from. Frisco’s Deluxe 48-inch cat tree offers your feline a cat kingdom to explore and call her own. Featuring platform perches at various heights, a large scratching post, dangling toys and a roomy cat condo, this cat tree is the perfect play structure for your furry monarch.

Black Friday Deal: Get 25% off the Frisco’s Deluxe 49-inch Cat Tree

8. Halo Holistic Chicken & Chicken Liver Recipe for Kittens

Black Friday Deals: Halo kitten food


It’s only natural that you want the best for your kitten. Halo’s Holistic Chicken & Chicken Liver Recipe helps kickstart your kitty’s journey with the right nutrition. Featuring real ingredients, such as cage-free chicken and a wholesome variety of non-GMO garden fruits and veggies, this recipe is packed with flavor and vitamins, so you can feel good about the food your little one consumes.

Black Friday Deal: Get 15% off Halo Holistic Chicken & Chicken Liver Recipe for Kittens

By: Anastasiya Chevtchenko

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