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Adopted Kitten Determined To Get New Sister Cat To Love Him

Cat hanging on other cat wants love

YOU WILL LOVE ME. missenell/Instagram

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Nelly the cat liked her only cat life in Denmark with her humans very much. The 2-year-old cat got all the attention, and didn’t have to share a thing. She wasn’t a huge fan of visitors, and was quite the shy little lady, so her owners decided to get her a buddy, Love Meow reports. Nelly’s owners adopted a kitten named Gilbert, and it was love at first sight — on Gilbert’s end, at least.

“Gilbert definitely made the first move. He was a kitten and not shy at all,” Nelly and Gilbert’s owner, identified only as @missenell, told Love Meow. “In the beginning, Nelly didn’t really like him. She would climb up her cat tree where he couldn’t reach.”

But Gilbert was persistent. He waited for her to descend from her cat tree, and was always following her around.

It took a few weeks, and a few forced snuggles by Gilbert, but Nelly started coming around.


Cuddling and washing- the perfect way of spending the Sunday ?

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Now they’re total BFFs! And an absolutely adorable duo.

By: Chrissa Hardy