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Abandoned Puppy Finds Happiness in the Most Unusual Way

Morgan, a 6-month-old, tiger-striped Pitbull, may be the luckiest puppy in the world. In late January, he was limping across a busy street in Brooklyn, New York, when Amy Marciano, who was driving to meet a friend for dinner, spotted the pup 15 yards away. “I pulled over, and another motorist had stopped, too,” she recalls. “We blocked traffic so we could coax the puppy off the road. He had no ID or collar, and it was apparent that he was hurt. But he was trusting. He came to me right away. The other driver was surprised—and happy—when I said that I’d take him because I run an animal rescue.”


Marciano canceled her dinner plans and brought the puppy (whom she named Morgan, after the street where she found him) to Sugar Mutts Rescue for dog food and water. “He was so happy,” she says. “He kept licking me and giving me kisses.” The next day, she took him to a vet for an examination and X-rays. He determined that the pup fractured his right back femur and would need a specialist to perform orthopedic surgery. So Marciano reached out to BluePearl Specialty + Emergency Pet Hospital in Brooklyn. After an initial appointment, the hospital determined that surgery would cost nearly $4,000. The shelter didn’t have that much money in the bank, so Blue Pearl allowed Marciano to pay in installments. “We spent several hours pinning the bones back together,” says Dr. Andrew Goodman, a specialist in veterinary surgery at BluePearl. “Morgan’s leg had probably been injured for at least a few weeks before he was found.”


While everyone was optimistic following the operation, Morgan’s leg took a turn for the worse. A few weeks after the surgery, he developed an infection. His leg rejected one of the pins and another was loose. Marciano faced the difficult decision of having Dr. Goodman try to repair Morgan’s leg once again or amputate it. “The doctors weren’t confident that another surgery would work, and Morgan seemed happy without the use of his injured leg,” she says. “So we opted for the amputation to give him a chance to thrive.”


And that he has! “It’s been about a month since the amputation, and Morgan has a great personality, and is a friendly, happy dog,” says Dr. Goodman. He notes that the initial damage to Morgan’s legs was even more severe than they initially thought. “He’s very active and running around on three legs. The amputation hasn’t affected his quality of life.” Indeed, Marciano reports that having three legs hasn’t slowed down Morgan at all. “He’s a handful because he’s so active,” she says. “We’ve had a lot of interest from people in adopting him. We’re sorting through the applications because we’d like to have someone who is experienced with the breed. We have a few qualified applicants, and hopefully Morgan will find his forever home soon.” In addition, Marciano plans to look into how Morgan may be able to provide inspiration and comfort for children and adults who are missing limbs.

Without the kindness of Marciano and the other motorist, Morgan probably wouldn’t been alive today. It just goes to show how much of an impact someone’s kind gesture can have on a furry friend. The non-profit Sugar Mutts Rescue has been accepting donations to help offset the cost of Morgan’s medical bills. “We’re just about $1,500 shy of our goal,” says Marciano. “All told, Morgan’s care cost nearly $8,000. We raised a little more than $6,000. Every $10 or $20 helps because we’re a small shelter and only had a few thousand dollars in the bank when we found Morgan.”