Mother's day Gifts for dog moms
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9 Dog Mom Gifts for Mother’s Day

From flea control to poop patrol, dog moms go the extra mile to ensure their four-legged family members are happy, healthy and well-adjusted. While an affectionate nuzzle or lick from her favorite pup is payment enough for a hard-working dog mom, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show a dog mom just how awesome and appreciated she is. The following dog mom gifts are sure to please any dog mom in your life, from the tech-savvy to the at-home chef.

1. For Coffee-Fueled Dog Moms

coffee mug mothers day


If the dog mom in your life loves her latte almost as much as she loves her Lab, check out the Fringe Studio “Paws-itive Vibes Only” coffee mug. Made of durable ceramic, this dog mom gift features original artwork that captures the can-do canine spirit well and will stand up to the microwave and the dishwasher.

Your favorite dog mom can enjoy this mug at her dog-friendly workplace, at home after her morning trip to the dog park and anywhere she needs a little physical and emotional pick-me-up.

2. For Dog Moms Who Aren’t Afraid to Tell It Like It Is

mothers day gifts coffee mug


You know your favorite dog mom is thinking it, so give her the platform to say it with the “I’d Rather Be With My Dog” women’s vintage tank top. This muscle tank is made with a premium blend of cotton and rayon, designed to be as cuddly soft as her beloved pup’s fur. Despite the homey message, this tank’s on-trend drapery design with low-cut armholes is chic enough to wear for a night out.

3. For Jewelry-Wearing Dog Moms

mothers day gifts stud earrings


These stud earrings by Pet Friends are perfect for dog moms who prefer to make a more subtle fashion statement. The small paw prints are a sweet way to show off their love for their dog, and the antiqued silver-tone finish complements any ensemble, color or occasion. They just might become her go-to accessory—aside from her dog’s leash, of course.

4. For Dog Moms Who Like to Kick Back

mothers day gifts wine glass


If lapping up vino and relaxing with a lap dog sounds like your favorite dog mom’s idea of paradise, indulge her with the Susquehanna Glass “I Just Want to … Drink Wine & Pet My Dog” stemless wine glass set for Mother’s Day. These glasses feature a sand-etched design created by skilled artisans from a family-owned American business. Though they sound fragile, the glasses are designed to be as sturdy as a Bulldog.

The stemless, dishwasher-safe design helps make these glasses easy to keep clean and less prone to breakage. Perfect for water, juice, iced coffee or her favorite vintage, you’re sure to be the toast of the day with this practical and thoughtful dog mom gift.

5. For Selfie-Loving Dog Moms

selfie with your dog

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Dog moms love for their pooches to be the center of attention—especially when it comes to taking selfies. To help the selfie-snapping dog mom in your life get the perfect shot every time, check out the Pooch Selfie smartphone attachment. This brilliant little device includes a squeaking tennis ball that snaps to the top of almost any smartphone or tablet so she can keep her active dog’s attention long enough to capture the cuteness, especially on Mother’s Day.

6. For Dog Moms Addicted to Cooking Shows

mothers day dog gifts


For the dog mom in your life who enjoys cooking, she may love whipping up her famous three-cheese mac and cheese while wearing this Design Imports Dog Show chef’s apron. The classic A-line design features a plethora of silhouette pups posed playfully against a crisp white background.

This apron has a charming gingham pattern neck strap and waist ties to help ensure a nice, snug fit. This dog mom gift is made from 100 percent cotton, and it is machine washable, so no worries about stains or spills.

7. For Helicopter Dog Moms

mother's day dog gifts


If the dog mom in your life suffers from a little separation anxiety when she’s away from her best pal, the Petzi Wi-Fi camera and treat dispenser might be the perfect gift. She’ll love taking and sharing candid shots of her best bud and having peace of mind knowing he’s safe and secure at home.

This little gadget also lets her interact with her dog remotely. She can give her pup a treat with just a swipe of her finger, and the high-quality audio speaker is designed to let her speak to her dog anytime she wants. Setup is easy—just mount the camera in the dog’s favorite spot at home and then download the free, secure Petzi app.

8. For Active Dog Moms

mother''s day dog gifts


If the dog mom in your life loves FitBit, she might flip for the FitBark 2 water-resistant dog activity and sleep monitor. This little tool helps her and her canine companion get healthy together by tracking her dog’s physical activity and sleep and syncing it with her own FitBit, Apple Watch or other activity device.

The FitBark 2 is rugged, waterproof and ultra-lightweight, making it ideal to bring everywhere. It also can compare her dog’s score with others so she can spot health issues early on, giving a complete and holistic view of his health and well-being.

9. For Busy Dog Moms

mother's day gifts for dog moms pet feeder


If the busy dog mom in your life rarely has time to sit and stay for a meal, you can help ensure her dog gets dinner on time with the PetSafe Eatwell 5-Meal automatic pet feeder. The feeder holds 5 cups of dry dog food, divided into 1-cup portions, with a timer that can be set for whatever time she wants her pooch to eat.

This automatic dog feeder is designed to be easy to use; just fill the tray with her dog’s favorite kibble, set the timer and voilà! Doggie dinner is served. Plus, the BPA-free plastic tray is dishwasher-safe, so she’ll have more time to snuggle with her pup and spend less time cleaning up.

Dog moms are truly a breed apart. From potty-training and teething to grooming and vet checkups, raising a dog can be challenging. But for her, it’s not a chore to be endured. It’s a labor of love and something worth celebrating!

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