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8 Wrinkly Dog Breeds That Will Melt Your Heart

Wrinkly Dog Breeds for Dog Lovers Who Love a Squishy Face

Who doesn’t love a dog with a big wrinkle mug that you could just squeeze forever? To help you on your quest to find the most wrinkly dog breeds and celebrate these adorable dogs, we have compiled a list to share some of our favorite rumple dogs. Below are eight wrinkly, cute dogs that we think deserve to be celebrated in all their crinkly glory!


The wrinkly face of the Bullmastiff makes him one adorable dog. While they are not the most wrinkly of dogs, they can tip the scales at 130 pounds, making them one of the larger wrinkly dog breeds on this list. In the 19th century these dogs were known as the “Gamekeeper’s Night-Dog” because they worked as guardians of the grounds. Today, these formidable wrinkle faces prefer a life of leisure and companionship with their people. So if you have a Bullmastiff, yell it loud and proud with this “I Love My Mastiff” magnet!

Dogue De Bordeaux

One of the rarer dog breeds on our list of wrinkly dog breeds, the Dogue De Bordeaux, earns its spot among cute dogs with its smooshy, wrinkly dog face. Made famous by its appearance in the movie “Turner and Hooch,” the Dogue De Bordeaux is one wrinkly dog that deserves to be recognized. With a unique liver chestnut coloring and saggy jowls, these are all-around adorable dogs. You can learn more about this wrinkly dog breed and others with The Complete Dog Breed Book.

English Bulldog

The English Bulldog is probably one of the most famous of the wrinkly dog breeds. With their short and stout build and aggressively loud breathing, they can make quite the statement. While they may look like smaller dogs, don’t be fooled. These fine furrowed canines can grow to be up to 50 pounds. Known for being friendly and affable dogs, they make great companions and cuddle partners. For more Bulldog wrinkle cuteness, check out the Just Bulldogs 2018 Calendar!


Bloodhounds are simply adorable dogs. Known for their unparalleled sniffing power, their nose findings in police work are considered admissible testimony in a court of law. Their wrinkles and big ears actually help them waft smells to their nose; what could be better than pleats with a purpose? If you have a Bloodhound and are looking to let the world know, check out the Hound Dog Street Sign!

Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is one laid-back wrinkle-saurus. The breed was developed in France and described as having a jolie laide appearance, which translates to pretty-ugly or unconventionally attractive. But with their wrinkly face and oversized ears, it is hard to believe that anybody could see them as being anything other than absolutely adorable dogs. They are also known for being sniffing sensations like their fellow Hound breed, the Bloodhound. For proud Basset Hound pet parents, there is an “I Love My Basset!” Magnet that is perfect for your car or refrigerator.


Pugs may just be one of the most popular wrinkly dog breeds due to their small size and generally easygoing demeanor. They are pocket-sized balls of crumples that have moles on their cheeks, referred to as “beauty spots.” Pug lovers are an enthusiastic and organized bunch. There are events, parades and parties across the US that celebrate the Pug breed in all its wrinkly, loud-breathing glory. For those that treasure the Pug breed, adorn your home with this “It’s Not a Home Without” Sign that is available for Pugs!

Neapolitan Mastiff

The Neapolitan Mastiff is one lovable, lumbering wrinkle monster. Originally developed in Italy from the Mastiff of Tibet, this gorgeous silver-blue behemoth has a wrinkly dog face that just makes you want to squeeze it! These dogs can grow to be up to 150 pounds of wrinkly cuteness, but be prepared for some drooling. Neapolitan Mastiffs are big-time droolers, but with that much skin, can you really blame them? So, put your canine companion’s wrinkles on display in all their glory with the “Woof” Dog Picture Frame!


One could argue that the Shar-pei is actually more wrinkle than dog. These walking rumple mugs surely take the cake when it comes to wrinkly dog breeds. These loyal and loving dogs have been traced back to the Han Dynasty (200 B.C.), making them an ancient dog breed. They are also known for being one of the few breeds of dogs that have lavender or blue-black tongues.

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