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7 Items to Put in Your Dog’s Easter Basket

Want to make sure your dog feels included on Easter weekend? Well then, when you hand out Easter baskets to each of your family members, make sure one has your dog’s name on it, too.

But what exactly do you put in a dog Easter basket? We all know a chocolate rabbit is off-limits (chocolate is toxic to dogs), but not to worry—there are many pup-approved items to choose from that are festive and fun!

From egg-shaped dog treats to plush rabbit dog toys, with the items we’ve compiled, your dog might end up getting the best Easter goodies of all.

1. Rubie’s Costume Company Bunny Ears for Dogs

bunny ears for dogs


One surefire way to make your dog feel super special on Easter is proclaiming her as this year’s “Easter bunny.” With Rubie’s Costume Company bunny ears in your dog’s Easter basket, she can be dressed appropriately for the occasion.

Thanks to the silk-like inner lining and the adjustable strap, which allows you to get the right fit, these ears just might be comfortable enough for your dog to wear all day long.

2. Blueberry Pet Floral Print Dog Collar

floral dog collar


Are you taking your dog to an Easter parade with the family? If so, this floral print dog collar is an ideal item to stick in your dog’s Easter basket before snapping it on her. No doubt, this collar will work for any Easter-themed occasion with its eye-catching floral print that complements brightly colored dresses or suits.

For a complete look, you can get your dog the Blueberry Pet Floral Print dog leash to match her stylish new dog collar.

3. Petlou Colossals Plush Rabbit Dog Toy

dog easter basket


For dogs who find soft toys irresistible, this dog plush toy will scream, “Take me out of your Easter basket first!” This soft, cuddly toy will not only help fill up your dog’s basket because it’s large and fluffy, but we bet it will fill your dog’s heart with pure joy and excitement the moment she lays eyes on it.

We wouldn’t be surprised if this is the present your dog keeps coming back to all spring long—and beyond!

4. Sojos Good Dog Peanut Butter & Jelly Flavor Dog Treats

dog easter basket


Easter baskets for humans usually are filled with tasty goodies, so it only makes sense to put some yummy dog treats inside your dog’s Easter basket, too! These dog treats just might have your dog begging for more.

They are crafted one batch at a time in Sojo’s Minneapolis, Minnesota-based bakery and are made with ingredients that you’d find in your own kitchen, like rolled oats, strawberries and peanut butter. You can even pretend you baked them yourself by putting them in a little baggie with a cute bow; your dog won’t know the difference (and we won’t tell!).

5. Claudia’s Canine Bakery Easter Egg Baked Dog Treats

dog easter basket


Decorating eggs on Easter day is a common family ritual. While your dog can’t necessarily join in on that activity, you can put this sweet surprise in her basket to make her feel extra special.

Each box includes one large, colorful egg-shaped dog treat and several smaller egg-shaped dog treats. These goodies are infused with a vanilla flavor and are made with real peanut butter (talk about a pup’s dream!), honey and dried yogurt—yum!

6. Frisco Flower Collar Accessory for Dogs

dog easter basket


Almost every Easter get together has flowers on display. After all, springtime is when flowers are in full bloom. Your dog can match the floral vibe with a Frisco flower collar accessory.

But before your dog wears this adorable collar accessory, use it as a decorative piece for your dog Easter basket! Simply take the elastic band and tie it to the handle.

7. ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide & Seek Plush Dog Toy, Bunny ‘n Carrot

dog easter basket


Nothing beats the look on a dog’s face when she gets a new toy. And when she realizes there are more toys inside of her new toy—that’s priceless!

ZippyPaws’s Burrow interactive dog toy is a great item to add to your dog’s Easter basket because it will help keep her occupied when you and your family are busy with the day’s festivities. The carrot comes with three squeaky bunny toys for your pup to dig out, which should provide her with hours of stimulating play.

Gift baskets for dogs on Easter are fun to create and will help make this day just as special for your dog as it is for your family.

Lindsay Schencker, Pet Central Associate Editor

The moment Lindsay started her career here at Chewy, she hit the ground running in customer service; she knew that this is the company she wanted to grow with from then on. When Lindsay isn’t spending her time writing for Pet Central, she’s most likely binge-watching a Netflix series and cuddling up with her 80-pound fur baby, Dexter.