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7 Cat Easter Basket Gift Ideas

The animal most associated with Easter is a rabbit, but who says bunnies should get all of the attention? If you’re a proud cat parent, then you know all holidays—and regular days for that matter—revolve around your beloved pet. Include your feline friend in your Easter celebrations by giving her an Easter basket.

To make it easy for you to spoil your feline family member this holiday, we curated a cat Easter basket full of delicious cat treats and toys. These gift ideas are rated highly by Chewy customers, and they just might put a spring in your cat’s step.

1. Kittles Grain-Free Duck & Cranberries Recipe Cat Treats

cat easter baskets


Easter baskets should include a tasty treat; those are just the rules! Kittles crunchy duck-flavored cat treats by Wellness are applauded by cat parents for appealing to picky eaters.

These treats are made with wholesome ingredients, including duck (the first ingredient), chickpeas, cranberries and blueberries. Bonus: At less than 2 calories per treat, they’ll help you spoil your cat while keeping her waistline in mind.

2. Kong Softies Fuzzy Bunny Cat Toy

cat easter basket


Pay homage to the Easter bunny with Kong’s Fuzzy Bunny cat toy. This soft plush toy crinkles and contains catnip to help encourage play. And playing is a great way for your kitty to work off any extra Easter treats.

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3. Red Dingo Daisy Chain Collar

cat easter basket


You dress to impress on Easter, and so can your cat. Treat your fashionable feline to a new cat collar this season.

Red Dingo’s daisy cat collar combines style with safety. The daisy motif is perfect for the season, as this flower typically blooms in the spring. Headed outside with your cat now that the weather has warmed up? The fish-shaped buckle is designed to break away should the collar get snagged on a branch or other object while your cat is exploring the great outdoors with you.

4. OurPets Backyard Friends Bunny Cat Toy

cat easter basket


Cats love to hunt, and the OurPets bunny cat toy makes a great prey. When batted, the small fuzzy toy makes a squeaking mouse sound. And if that doesn’t get your kitty playing, perhaps the catnip inside it will.

5. SmartCat Kitty’s Garden

cat easter basket


Does your cat like to chomp on grass? Chances are, she does. We may not fully understand why cats eat grass, but the most common theory is that it aids in digestion and makes their tummies feel better.

Indulge your kitty by bringing the outdoors in with this cat garden. The decorative box comes with oats, rye, wheat and barley seeds that take less than a week to grow. It’ll feel like spring has sprung indoors!

6. Rubie’s Bunny Cat Costume

cat in bunny costume


Is that the Easter bunny hopping around the house? Or is it your cat in a bunny costume?

If you have one of those special cats who enjoys (or doesn’t mind) being dressed up, this cat costume can make for some adorable photo opps. The one-piece outfit comes complete with pink sateen ears on the hood and a fuzzy cotton tail on the bottom. Your cat will be the best-looking bunny on the block!

Note: For your pet’s safety, always supervise her while she’s wearing a costume.

Filling your cat’s Easter basket with these fantastic cat gifts will definitely earn you some kudos from your feline friend. Plus, if you get a large enough basket, once all the goodies are out, your cat might get in and curl up for a cat nap.

By: Stephanie Brown