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6 Stylish Dog Outfits for Spring

After months of cold weather, nothing beats the warm, welcoming sunshine of spring.

The best way to melt away those winter blues is by enjoying all that the spring season has to offer with your dog. Go on a pup-friendly picnic. Take in a baseball game together. Throw an Easter egg hunt for your dog and his furry friends.

To keep your pet looking fresh all spring long—even during rain showers!—we put together several fashionable and functional dog outfits for different occasions this season.

1. Easter

dog apparel for Spring

By Chewy Studios

There are many ways to incorporate your dog into the Easter holiday. You can create an Easter basket for your dog filled with goodies. You can make her a special Easter egg-shaped dog treat. You can even host a dog-friendly Easter egg hunt for your pup and her pals.

One easy way to include your dog in the festivities is to dress her up in a special holiday outfit. For dogs who prefer a less-is-more approach to fashion, opt for an Easter-themed bandana, like Tail Trends’ Easter chick bandana. If your dog is comfortable in full-on outfits, pair the bandana with a spring-colored hoodie or a bunny costume.

Do you have a Fido fashionista on your hands? Dress your pooch to impress in Parisian Pet’s sunflower dress and Yellow Dog Design’s daisy collar. Frisco’s flower accessory, which slides onto your dog’s collar, adds the finishing touch for this formal Easter look.

Who says bunnies should get all the attention?

dog apparel for spring

By Chewy Studios

Get Look No. 1:
Dog hoodie: Frisco Basic Dog Hoodie
Easter-themed bandana: Tail Trends Easter Chick Dog Bandana

Get Look No. 2:
Dog dress: Parisian Pet Sunflower Dog Dress
Dog collar: Yellow Dog Design Daisy Dog Collar
Flower collar accessory: Frisco Flower Collar Slider for Dogs

2. Rainy Day

dog apparel for rainy day

By Chewy Studios

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you can put off potty walks. But you can keep your dog warm and dry in a doggy raincoat.

For a more traditional look, opt for Frisco’s yellow dog raincoat, which has large reflective stripes on it to help your pet stand out during spring showers.

Frisco’s rubber ducky dog raincoat offers a more playful take on the traditional raincoat. The adorable rubber ducky design is definitely Insta-worthy.

Both are made with water-resistant materials and feature a built-in leash hole, so you can easily connect your dog’s leash to her collar under the jacket. For extra protection from the elements, try a water-resistant bootie, like Bark Brite’s All-Weather Reflective dog boots.

dog apparel for rain

By Chewy Studios

Get Look No. 1:
Yellow raincoat: Frisco Rainy Days Dog Raincoat
Water-resistant booties: Bark Brite All Weather Reflective Neoprene Dog Boots

Get Look No. 2:
Rubber ducky raincoat: Frisco Rubber Ducky Dog Raincoat
Water-resistant booties: Bark Brite All Weather Reflective Neoprene Dog Boots

3. Picnic

dog apparel picnic

By Chewy Studios

When the weather warms up (and dries out) head outdoors for a picnic with your pup. The gingham pattern of Frisco’s chambray dog shirt is a perfect fit for a picnic. The classic checked design has adorned picnic blankets for decades. Add the Long Dog Clothing Company’s neckerchief in orange for a pop of color.

Can’t fit all the essentials in your picnic basket? Your dog can help carry the goods in her own backpack by OneTigiris. The heavy-duty canvas bag is rugged yet stylish and features several pockets for storing supplies. Don’t forget to pack something special for your pooch to eat, like a DIY dog treat.

dog apparel for picnic

By Chewy Studios

Get the Look:
Gingham dog shirt: Frisco Chambray Plaid Dog Shirt
Dog bandana: The Long Dog Clothing Company Mayan Neckerchief
Canvas dog backpack: OneTigris Cotton Canvas Dog Backpack

4. Mother’s Day

dog apparel for mother's day

By Chewy Studios

You take care of your dogs like they are your children. You feed them, you bathe them, you give them shelter and lots of love. Mother’s Day is for dog moms, too!

Display your dog mom status by dressing your pup in Frisco’s “I Love Mommy” T-shirt. The lightweight, cotton-polyester blend tee is machine-washable and says exactly what your dog could say if she could talk.

Is your dog more of a rebel rouser than a lover? Chilly’s dog mom sweater with the word “Mom” printed on the back in a classic tattoo style might fit his personality better. Hey, even punks love their mom!

Not only is your dog your fur-kid, but she’s also your BFF. And like your best friend in sixth grade, you can wear matching friendship accessories. FriendshipCollar offers a bracelet for you and a matching collar for your dog.

Spend Mother’s Day snuggled in bed with your pup or hit the streets for a walk around the neighborhood with your brood so everyone knows you’re a dog mom and proud of it!

dog apparel for mother's day

By Chewy Studios

Get Look No. 1:
Dog T-shirt: Frisco “I Love Mommy” Dog T-shirt
Friendship bracelet and dog collar in pink: FriendshipCollar Puppy Love Dog Collar with Friendship Bracelet

Get Look No. 2:
Dog sweater: Chilly Dog Tattoo Mom Dog Sweater
Friendship bracelet and dog collar in blue: FriendshipCollar Mucky Pup Dog Collar with Friendship Bracelet

5. Spring Break

spring break dog apparel

By Chewy Studios

Spring usually means rising temps and more sunshine. But if you live in a location where it feels like winter will never end, set your Out of Office message and take a trip to a warmer destination—with your dog, of course!

Nothing says “I’m on vacation” like a colorful Hawaiian shirt. Frisco’s Hawaiian camp shirt for dogs features a lively floral print on a light blue background. Can’t you just taste the Mai Tais?

Protect your pet’s eyes with Doggles’ dog sunglasses. They’re designed to shield your pup’s peepers while you share in the sunshine together.

Complete the look with Rubie’s Costume Company’s dog sombrero—a nod to your college days when spring break meant a trip South of the Border for a week of fun in the sun.

spring break dog apparel

By Chewy Studios

Get the Look:
Hawaiian shirt: Frisco Hawaiian Camp Dog Shirt
Sunglasses: Doggles Rubber Framed K9 Optix Dog Sunglasses
Sombrero: Rubie’s Costume Company Multi-Colored Dog Sombrero

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 6. Baseball Game

dog apparel for baseball

By Chewy Studios

Spring marks the beginning of baseball season. Show your support for your favorite team by dressing your dog up in official MLB gear, like Pets First’s baseball jersey with a matching collar and leash.

Watch the ballgame at home with your pup, or put the “tail” in tailgate and bring your pooch along to enjoy America’s pastime in the flesh (and fur). Many major and minor league ballparks across the United States offer dog-friendly nights in which pet parents are encouraged to bring their dog along to watch the game. Check with your local sporting venue for details.

baseball dog apparel

By Chewy Studios

Get the Look:
Baseball jersey: Pets First MLB Dog Jersey (select teams)
Dog collar: Pets First MLB Dog Collar (select teams)
Dog leash: Pets First MLB Dog Leash (select teams)

Special dog outfit or not, no matter where you go this spring, you can’t go wrong with your dog by your side.

By Stephanie Brown, Pet Central Senior Editor