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5 Reasons Why Dog and Cat Valentines Will Steal Your Heart

True Loves: Cat Valentines and Dog Valentines

Valentine’s Day—it’s the day to share some love with a special someone or to spend time with your best friends by turning it into a Pal-entine’s Day celebration. If you’re a pet parent, you don’t have to look any further than your closest four-legged confidantes—we’re talking about cat valentines and dog valentines. Here’s why our fluffy kitties and precious pups are the only valentines we need.

  1. Always Ready for a Cuddle

    Pets make the perfect anytime cuddle buddies. They already share our sofas and beds, and they spend plenty of time snoozing, so snuggling up to our beloved pets makes sense. Even if your furry friends aren’t particularly into cuddling, they still might enjoy a few minutes of cozying up to their favorite person. Sneak your dog valentines some Cuddles cookies, and you’ll surely win over their heart. When you’re not around for nestling, you can comfort your puppy valentines with a Snuggle Puppy—or a Snuggle Kitty for cat valentines—that offers warmth and a soothing heartbeat sound.

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  2. Fine-Tuned Listening Skills

    We all know that dogs and cats can hear better than us. And this makes them not only good hunters, but also above-average listeners. Luckily, our faithful companions are willing to listen to our silly jokes, hopes and worries without judgment. It probably helps that they can’t really understand what we’re saying, but even so, they can read our moods and feel when we’re happy or scared or sad. The fact that they will readily lend their ears without judgment when we need them definitely secures their spots as the best cat valentines and dog valentines. Show your BFF (best feline friend) how much you appreciate them with an adorable cat collar that features a wooden bow tie and comes with a matching friendship bracelet for you to wear. For your best dog and puppy valentines, the handmade cupid hearts dog bandana with felt applique hearts is sure to melt their hearts.

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  3. Plenty of Quality Time

    Spending quality time is a requirement for any potential valentine. Pets are more than willing to devote tons of attention to their owners, so why not set aside some bonding time with an extended playtime session? A ZippyPaws smiley emoji squeaky toy with heart-shaped eyes is a great Valentine’s Day dog gift—your pup will love making it squeak again and again. If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day cat present, Petlinks HyperNip Lovebirds Catnip Toys have an irresistible combination of feathers, silvervine and catnip that will set your kitty’s heart aflutter.

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  4. You Can Always Count on Them

    Who is always there when you need them? If you answered, “my sweet floofster” or “my trusty pup,” then you already know who makes the ideal valentine. Pets are steadfast friends who are there with you through the good times and bad. For Valentine’s Day, you can show your appreciation by filling up your pet’s food bowl with a Love Me Tender chicken and duck meal for cat valentines, or a delicious helping of Love grain-free beef recipe from The Honest Kitchen for your dog valentines.

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  5. They Have Your Heart Already

    Choosing your pet to be your valentine is the only obvious choice—because they’ve already stolen your heart. From the moment you met, we’re willing to bet that you and your furry loved one have been inseparable. Today’s the day to shower your pet with love, and it doesn’t hurt to proudly display your affection with an “I love my dog” or “I love my cat” magnet.

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Show your affection for the holders of your heart with some extra chin and ear scratches, cuddle sessions, tasty treats and extra playtime. At the end of the day, you can curl up with heartwarming stories from Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Loving Our Cats, or celebrate the special bond you have with your senior pooch with Unconditional: Older Dogs, Deeper Love. As pet parents, we’re lucky enough to get to share Valentine’s Day—and every day—with our true loves.

Nikki Naser
Nikki Naser, Pet Central Senior Editor
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