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6 Ideas for Upcycling Your Chewy Box: DIY Life Hacks

What if we could make your life just a liiiittle bit easier? And what if all it takes are a couple of Chewy boxes? It just so happens that we’ve come up with some pretty creative ways not just to recycle, but to upcycle your steady supply of Chewy boxes. With a few slight modifications, the same Chewy box that brought your Chewy pet food and helpful Chewy pet supplies can be turned into some amazingly simple life hacks.


Holiday Light Storage Life Hack

Chewy Box

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It’s the most terrible task to be stuck with—putting away the string lights after the holidays, and trying not to end up with a massive, jumbled mess. That’s where we come in with a Chewy box life hack.

Materials: several medium or large Chewy boxes, scissors, marker

Step 1: Pick one Chewy box to be the storage container.

Step 2: Cut pieces from the other Chewy boxes that are about a quarter-inch smaller in height and width than the storage box. These will be either square or rectangular depending on your original box dimensions.

Step 3: Make cuts along one end of these pieces that are one inch apart. Make matching cuts on the opposite end of each piece (this should be done along the shorter sides if you have rectangular pieces).

Step 4: Wind your lights around each piece, hooking the strands into the grooves on each end.

Step 5: With the lights wound horizontally, slide each piece into the storage box, one behind the other.

Step 6: Label the top of each cardboard piece (twinkling white, multi-color, clear, red, etc.).

Chewy Box

Photo: Chewy Studios

Next time the holidays come around, you won’t have to draw names to see who has to unwind the unruly, tangled ball of lights. Instead, you’ll have them unpacked, sorted and strung up with plenty of time to spare.


Power Cord Sorter Life Hack

Chewy Box

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Power cords seem to be a real headache when it comes to storing them. We’re talking about all those random power cords, extension cords and phone chargers you’ve probably got lying around. It’s time to get organized!

Materials: small or medium Chewy box, paper towel rolls, glue gun, scissors, marker

Step 1: Cut about half of the paper towel rolls to the same height of your box. Place them inside the Chewy box, standing them up on end to create two rows.

Step 2: Use the glue gun to glue them into place.

Step 3: Lay the remaining full rolls in the box on their side for longer cord storage. You can label these as you store away your cords.

Chewy Box

Photo: Chewy Studios

Now you have a place to roll up and store cords of all kinds. You can use a marker to color-code each tube with a dot that tells you what kind of cord is stored inside.


The EZ Furniture Mover Life Hack

Chewy Box

Photo: Chewy Studios

No job is too big for the mighty Chewy box! It might take three adults to move a heavy dresser or bookcase, but it only takes one Chewy box. And anything that can make moving easier is the most valuable life hack there is.

Materials: Chewy box, scissors

Step 1: If the piece of furniture you want to move has feet, then cut square pieces of cardboard that will fit underneath each foot with plenty of extra cardboard on each side.

Step 2: If you have a piece of furniture with a solid base, then you’ll need to flatten a Chewy box by cutting all the tape and breaking it down. Cut one of the shorter edges to open up the box completely flat. Cut a piece that’s a little larger than the base of the piece of furniture you want to move.

Step 3: Lift one foot at a time, or one side at a time, and slip the cardboard underneath.

Chewy Box

Photo: Chewy Studios

Time to slide your furniture to its new spot with ease—no heavy lifting required!


Shirt Folder Tool Life Hack

Chewy Box

Photo: Chewy Studios

We might not be able to organize your whole life with a Chewy box, but we can at least turn your closet into a small Zen zone. It all starts with shirts that are folded perfectly and creased in all the right places.

Materials: Chewy box, scissors

Step 1: Use a ruler to measure and mark a piece of cardboard that’s 9 x 13 inches.

Step 2: Cut out the cardboard piece.

Step 3: Turn the shirt over so the back side is facing up. Place the top of the cardboard piece (the shorter side) at the top of the neck area and center it.

Step 4: Fold back one side of the shirt over the cardboard piece. Fold back the other side.

Step 5: Now fold the bottom portion up.

Step 6: Slide the cardboard piece up and out from the top. You should have a completely folded shirt.

Chewy Box

Photo: Chewy Studios

This is the easiest life hack there is. Now you have no excuse for leaning towers of hastily folded t-shirts and sweaters, and walking into your closet will bring you an instant feeling of relaxation.


File Holder

Materials: Small Chewy box (12 x 9 x 4 or 12 x 10 x 6), box cutter, markers

Stand the box up on one short end. Cut the top off at an angle to create a standing file holder. Decorate your new file storage box. You can make two of these and use a glue gun to glue them together if you need extra filing space.


Grocery Store Helper

Instead of using bags, why not use a recyclable Chewy box for your groceries? Fold down the flaps, cut out handles, and you’re all set. Just put it in the cart while you’re shopping, and pile the food into it. Unload it at the checkout, and keep the box in the cart to fill it back up with your groceries after you’ve checked out. A Chewy box is sturdier than a bag, and easy to load into the trunk.

Chewy Box

Photo: Chewy Studios

After you’ve unpacked all the sweet Chewy pet supplies, cat furniture, dog toys and Chewy pet food, you can reuse your Chewy box and start living the easy life with our ingenious go-to life hacks.

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By: Nikki Naser
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