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4 Uses for Your Chewy Box: DIY Life Hacks

What if we could make your life just a liiiittle bit easier? And what if all it takes are a couple of Chewy boxes? It just so happens that we’ve come up with some pretty creative ways not just to recycle, but to upcycle your steady supply of Chewy boxes. With a few slight modifications, the same Chewy box that brought your Chewy pet food and helpful Chewy pet supplies can be turned into some amazingly simple life hacks.

Life Hack 1: Holiday Light Storage

It’s the most terrible task to be stuck with—putting away the string lights after the holidays, and trying not to end up with a massive, jumbled mess. That’s where we come in with a Chewy box life hack.

light storage 1

Materials: several medium or large Chewy boxes, scissors, marker

Step 1: Pick one Chewy box to be the storage container.

Step 2: Cut pieces from the other Chewy boxes that are about a quarter-inch smaller in height and width than the storage box. These will be either square or rectangular depending on your original box dimensions.

Step 3: Make cuts along one end of these pieces that are one inch apart. Make matching cuts on the opposite end of each piece (this should be done along the shorter sides if you have rectangular pieces).

Step 4: Wind your lights around each piece, hooking the strands into the grooves on each end.

Step 5: With the lights wound horizontally, slide each piece into the storage box, one behind the other.

Step 6: Label the top of each cardboard piece (twinkling white, multi-color, clear, red, etc.).

light storage 2

Next time the holidays come around, you won’t have to draw names to see who has to unwind the unruly, tangled ball of lights. Instead, you’ll have them unpacked, sorted and strung up with plenty of time to spare.