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4 Famous Cats Throughout History

Famous Cats Throughout Hiss-tory

Take a glimpse of these four famous cats throughout hiss-tory. We won’t reveal the names of these cats in history, as it won’t measure up to the cuteness overload that this video has to offer. But, here are a few hints, so you can guess which famous cats you’ll see in this video!

The first is an Egyptian cat who was Queen of Egypt and a member of the Ptolemaic dynasty, the historical family who ruled Egypt for almost three centuries. Stumped on who this Egyptian cat ruler is?

Which famous cat is next on our list? It’s a musical genius who composed over 600 pieces of work in the 1700s. Who could this historical kitty cat be? Take a guess!

Do you know the name of the first feline female who flew solo across the Atlantic Ocean? Or how about one of the first cats to land on the moon?

We’re sure you got 4 out of 4, but you should probably watch the video just to be sure. Take a look at these adorable famous cats and brush up on your trivia!