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30 Autumn-Inspired Bird Names

When you fall in love with a pet bird and decide to bring them home, it’s time to pick out the perfect bird name that suits them best. If your feathered pal was hatched in the fall, or if autumn is your favorite time of year, you might want an autumn-inspired monkier.

Autumn-Inspired Pet Bird Names

1. Amber

This deep-yellow color often is associated with fall colors. Amber is also a fossilized tree resin revered for its natural beauty and decorative nature.

2. Apple

Move over, Gwyneth Paltrow. This might be an odd baby name, but not for a bird!

3. Ash

A beautiful fall name that’s inspired by the autumn purple ash tree.

4. Aurelia

From the Latin name Aurelius, this feminine version means golden and invokes visions of dreamy, yellow sunsets of autumn.

5. Autumn

Sometimes literal pet bird names make the most sense. If your bird hatched anytime between the end of September and the middle of December, this name pays perfect homage to his birth season.

6. Birch

Rugged, strong and hearty, just like your feathered friend, birch trees bloom in the autumn and stay strong during cold winters.

7. Bramble

Does your pet bird love to snack? Plucking sweet, plump berries from the bushes in the fall is basically every bird’s dream!

8. Blaze

Fall foliage in its magnificent colors of red, orange and yellow could be a perfect name for parrots, like green-winged macaws, who are blessed with feathers of the same color variety.

9. Crimson

An apropos name for birds with deep, rich reds and purples.

10. Cinnamon

Warm, cozy and spicy! You’ll love this name for a bird with layers of luscious brown feathers and a bit of attitude.

11. Crisp

Whether your inspiration is crisp apples or the autumn air, this is a perfect bird name to remind you of fall.

12. Demeter

Many pet birds, especially parrots and macaws, act like goddesses! Give your female bird this regal bird name after the ancient Greek goddess of harvest and agriculture.

13. Goldie

Birds named after fall colors abound, but this spirited version of “golden” just might do the trick for your animated avian.

14. Juniper

Have a green-feathered fellow? Juniper is a small green shrub with a warm cozy scent.

15. Hallow-wing

Here’s a silly twist of words for a fun-loving feathered companion to commemorate your favorite holiday.

16. Hazel

While it’s often used to describe eye color that combines green, brown or gold, hazel is also a type of tree whose nuts are associated with wisdom and inspiration, making it the perfect bird name for your wise winged companion.

17. Libra

The zodiac of autumn, Libra might describe your bird’s personality to a T—ambitious, active and self-motivated.

18. Leaf

Dainty yet strong, this is the perfect name for birds with a delicate frame and a big personality.

19. Marigold

A member of the sunflower family, marigolds are well-known in many parts of the world—including Mexico, Latin America, India and Nepal—where the bold flower is significant in fall cultural celebrations and sacred rituals.

20. Maple

A tree known for its broad leaves and sound-carrying capabilities, this name complements the pet bird who loves to sing and chirp.

21. Nutmeg

Is your birdy’s personality warm with just a touch of sweet? Nutmeg spice is a staple in baked goods, soups and other culinary delights traditionally enjoyed during cool, autumn months.

22. Octobird

Cater to your sense of humor with this fun play-on-words after one of the months in fall. Or just plain October has a nice ring to it.

23. Pumpkin

This is a cute pet bird name for those feathered companions blessed with a stout, plump stature and bright orange plumage.

24. Pumpkin Spice

Or even better, add in the “spice” if this happens to be your favorite fall latte.

25. Raven

Don’t let this ominous-sounding bird name throw you off. Ravens are known for their incredible intelligence and high adaptability as well as their sleek feathers.

26. Scarlett

For your red avian, a name to resemble his amazing colored coat just makes sense.

27. Scarecrow

This makes an ideal namesake for the happy-go-lucky bird who might be a bit uncoordinated.

28. Squirrelly

Although they’re petite creatures, squirrels are known for their bushy tails and hyperactive personalities. This name just might fit your full-plumed, high-energy companion.

29. Tweety

Goldfinches, canaries and warblers tend to sport the bright yellow color of this popular cartoon character.

30. WingNut

Bird names don’t get more silly or eccentric than this one!

Not all birds can learn to speak their name, but research shows that many birds can recognize their human friends’ voices and even recognize their faces. So consistently repeating your bird’s name and rewarding behavior that positively responds to his name can help your feathered friend not only learn to recognize his autumn-inspired name, but to love it!

By Somyr Perry