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15 Things Every Pet Parent Thinks When They Leave the House

Do you ever wonder about what happens when you leave your dog home alone? Or imagine all the things your cat does (or doesn’t do) when you’re out of the house?

As pet parents, we spend most of the day working to bring home the bacon, and we’re paw-sitive our fur babies appreciate it. But sometimes our pets can be so stinkin’ cute, it’s tempting to call out of work just to spend the day cuddling on the couch. We totally get how hard it is to leave your pets home alone. Who would want to walk away from those adorable furry faces?

Here are 15 things pet parents think when they leave the house:

  1. I hope they enjoy the music selection for today.
  2. Did I turn the stove off?
  3. Did I tell my pet I loved her today?
  4. I wonder what they do all day.
  5. Did I close the crate all the way?
  6. Does my dog bark a lot when I’m gone?
  7. What is my dog going to destroy today?
  8. Did I leave the chocolate out?
  9. I hope she knows I’m coming back.
  10. Did I fill the water dish?
  11. I wonder what my dog’s poop looks like today.
  12. Is my pet missing me as much as I miss her?
  13. How many hairballs will I find when I come home later?
  14. Did I turn my straightener off?
  15. Should I bring my pet with me?

Fortunately, there are tons of fun cat and dog toys, treats and technology to help make leaving your pet home alone easier. An interactive toy can help keep your pet busy while you’re gone. Petstages Tower of Tracks for cats encourages extended playtime as the colorful balls spin and roll around on three tracks for your kitty to chase after. A pet puzzle with treats hidden inside, like Trixie’s Activity Flip Board, engages your dog mentally. You can even watch your pet from a pet video camera. PetCube’s Play Wi-Fi Pet Camera connects to your smartphone and allows you to hear and talk to your pet in real time. You can even play with your pet with the built-in laser toy.

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By: Stephanie Brown