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Best Dog Hiking Gear 2020: All the Gear You Need to Go the Extra Mile

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you and your dog are ready to hit the trails. Or are you? Before you run out your door to climb the nearest mountain, take inventory of your dog hiking gear, and make sure you and your pup have everything you need for your next great adventure.

Best Dog Hiking Harness

Whether your dog is hiking on leash with you or roaming the hills on their own, you’ll want a comfortable, breathable dog hiking harness. The best harness won’t restrict their movement but will have a snug fit to give you the peace of mind that you can easily secure your dog at a moment’s notice.

dog hiking gear - dog hiking harness

Kurgo Journey Air Polyester Reflective No Pull Dog Harness

This breathable, padded harness is easy to put on and take off. With four points of adjustment and five sizes to choose from, you can be sure to get a comfortable fit for your dog. The harness also has reflective detailing for after-dark hiking and front and back leash attachments. Sizes XS-XL, starting at $48.95.

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dog hiking gear - dog hiking harness

Hurtta Weekend Warrior ECO Reflective Dual Clip Dog Harness

Made from 100-percent recycled polyester, this reflective harness has an ergonomic design for a comfortable, chafe-free fit. It’s easy to put on and has the added bonus of a durable handle on top that you can use as an added control point. Range of sizes to fit 18-inch to 50-inch chest girth, starting at $39.26.

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dog hiking gear - dog hiking harness

Chai's Choice 3M Polyester Reflective Front Clip Dog Harness

Cushioned, lightweight, reflective, breathable and adjustable—this harness is a sure-fire fit for almost any four-legged hiking companion. Plus, it comes in nine eye-catching colors, so your dog can look fabulous on the trails. Sizes XS-XL, starting at $25.95.

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Best Hiking Dog Leash

Along with a harness, you’ll also need a sturdy leash. On many trails, your dog will need to stay on leash, so you’ll want to get one that is comfortable and easy for you to use. The best hiking leashes for dogs will be durable—and come in fun colors.

dog hiking gear - dog hiking leash

ZippyPaws Climbers Mountain Original Climbing Rope Dog Leash

This dog leash is made from mountain climbing rope and designed to handle all-day adventures. It comes with a heavy-duty clip and is made from woven material for a soft, secure feel. Plus, you have your pick of eight vibrant colors. Comes in 4-foot and 6-foot lengths, starting at $9.80.

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dog hiking gear- leash for hiking

Mendota Products Large Snap Striped Rope Dog Leash

This stylish leash is strong enough to weather long days on the trail. With eleven color combinations and a soft, waterproof braided rope, you can easily use this versatile leash around the town or on the trails. Comes in 4-foot and 6-foot lengths, starting at $14.76.

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Best Collapsible Dog Bowl or Water Bottle

No matter where you are hiking, you need to bring plenty of water for your four-legged hiking buddy. (Gotta stay hydrated!) Avoid wasting water (and sharing slobber) and get your pup their very own water bottle or collapsible dog bowl. Your thirsty dog will thank you.

dog hiking gear- leash for hiking

KONG H2O Stainless Steel Dog Water Bottle

This KONG water bottle, available in two sizes, is a convenient way to give your dog a drink. The lid, once removed, does double-duty as a bowl. The bottle has a carabiner-style clip so you can easily attach it to your backpack or slide it into your own water-bottle holder. Comes in 9.5-ounces or 25-ounces, starting at $16.51.

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dog hiking gear- travel bowl for dogs

Highwave AutoDogMug Portable Dog Water Bottle & Bowl

You won’t waste any water with this bottle. Simply squeeze and hold pressure to fill up the bowl on top of the 20-ounce water bottle. Once your dog is done drinking, release, and the unused water trickles back into the bottle for later refreshment. Comes in five colors at $14.99 each.

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dog hiking gear - collapsible dog bowl

Prima Pets Collapsible Travel Bowl with Carabiner

Compact and easy to use, this collapsible dog bowl is perfect for a quick drink on the go. Simply pop out the sides of this silicone collapsible travel bowl for dogs and fill ‘er up! The bowl has a handy carabiner clip so you can keep it in easy reach for thirsty pups. Comes in Small ($10.99) and Large ($11.99).

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Best Dog Hiking Backpacks

If you’re putting in some serious mileage or planning an overnight trip, you might want your pup to pull their own weight (or at least pack their own dinner). A dog hiking backpack gives you extra storage and your dog an added mission—to look tough and carry their stuff!

dog hiking gear - dog hiking backpacks

Outward Hound DayPak

Outward Hound’s saddlebag-style dog hiking backpack is designed with convenient storage space in four expandable pockets. This water-resistant pack has reflective accents, and the breathable mesh and adjustable straps mean your dog will be comfortable on the move. Comes in sizes Medium ($28.70) and Large ($22.49).

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dog hiking gear - dog hiking backpack

OneTigris Cotton Canvas Dog Backpack

This lightweight, durable dog hiking backpack is made from heavy-duty cotton canvas. The two large zippered pouches have a variety of storage options with inner pockets to organize your smaller items. The pack has fully adjustable straps with quick-release buckles for a snug but comfortable fit. Plus, with its vintage style, your dog will look expedition ready. One size. $35.98.

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Best Dog Safety Gear and Other Hiking Accessories

When hiking, it always pays to be well-prepared. Here are a few additional accessories you should plan to have handy in your hiking pack.

dog hiking gear - first aid kit

Kurgo RSG Dog First Aid Kit

This 49-piece kit has all the essentials for most on-trail misadventures, including sting relief pads, cleansing wipes and an ice pack. Weighing less than a pound, it’s compact and lightweight enough to bring anywhere. $29.69

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dog hiking gear - poop bags

Frisco Planet Friendly Dog Poop Bag and Dispenser

Though the jury may be out on whether bears go in the woods, your dog will likely take a bathroom break on your hike. Pick up poop with these durable, leakproof bags that are designed to break down faster than regular waste bags. You can attach the dispenser to the outside of your backpack for easy access. And don’t forget refill bags. Scented or unscented, $3.89.

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dog hiking gear - protein bar

Zuke's Power Bone Beef & Blueberry Recipe Protein Bar

Nobody likes a hangry hiker. Throw a Zuke’s Power Bone protein bar in your bag for a mid-hike snack. You can also use these treats, which are made with real beef and pork, to help focus your dog’s attention back on you in the event of on-trail distractions—squirrels included. $31.44 for box of 12.

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dog hiking gear - dog hiking boots

Frisco Anti-Slip Water-Resistant Dog Boots

When hiking, you’ll encounter a lot of different terrain, and you may want a set of dog hiking boots to protect your dog’s paw pads. In addition to being ridiculously cute (though you’ll likely need to train your dog to wear them), these all-season, anti-slip dog boots will help protect your dog’s paws on rough, hot or cold surfaces. Sizes 1-7, $29.99.

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dog hiking gear - dog sunscreen

Petkin SPF 15 Doggy Sun Mist

Yes, dogs can get sunburns too, especially light-colored or short-haired dogs. (Learn more about sunscreen for dogs here.) And this SPF 15 spray makes it easy to protect your dog’s nose, ears, muzzle, and any other sensitive pink skin that might be susceptible to the sun during a long day out on the trails. 4 ounce bottle, $7.99.

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The best dog hiking gear is lightweight, portable, and durable—after all, you and your pup are going to be covering a lot of miles. Get exactly what you need for all your on-trail adventures and then get hiking!

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