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10 Ways to Show Your Cat Love

Cupid’s on his way, and you know what that means—showing your appreciation of and affection for those you love. That includes, of course, your cat. He’s your sweetie pie, after all. What about the rep they have for being aloof? Well, we all know cats who are big softies. And even if yours is one of those who is a bit stand-offish, when he does sidle up for a snuggle, or brush up against your legs, or push his wet nose into your cheek at 2 a.m., it’s even more endearing. Okay, maybe not the 2 a.m. part, but the point is that all cats have their share of moments that make their human parents’ hearts flutter. You can’t give your kitty cat chocolates, flowers or a night on the town, but we’ve rounded up some doable, fun ideas for showering him with love this Valentine’s Day.

1.   A leisurely brushing session. Most cats will roll over and commence purring at the first stroke. Not only does it feel good, but you’re helping to prevent hairballs while you’re at it. When you’re all done, keep the shiny fur going by giving him a Greenies Feline SmartBites Healthy Skin & Fur Salmon Flavor Cat Treat.

2.   Tickle his chin. Kitties love to have their chin scratched. And you love your kitty, so put down your phone, and give him a good scratch with both hands. Best. Valentine’s. Day. Ever.

3.   Double up. It can seem like your cat’s favorite pastime is snoozing. Pamper him by giving him a second bed, and set it up in a quiet spot away from his usual bed. He’ll appreciate the second option for a napping place—especially if it’s high up off the floor.

4.   Say yes to scratching. As you’ve probably noticed, cat behavior includes the instinct to scratch. Instead of shooing your kitty away from your couch and molding, present him with his very own clawing zone. The KONG Naturals Cat Scratcher is eco-friendly, vet-approved and comes with catnip.

5.   Play with her. It sounds obvious, but many cat owners don’t play with their pet as often as dog owners do. Admittedly, cats are unlikely to drop a ball in front of you, obviously eager for a game of fetch, but they love playtime too. And toys with feathers are usually a no-fail thrill. It might be something about the colors, the texture or the bird connection, but no matter the reason, your frisky feline will literally leap at the chance to play with you and the KONG Active Feather Teaser Cat Toy.

6.   Cue the catnip. It’s known to bring out the inner kitten in many a full-grown, or even mature, cat. But loose catnip can be messy. Temptations Mixups Catnip Fever Cat Treats are easy for you to dole out. Even though they’re only two calories each, your kitty will act like each morsel is a decadent delicacy.

7.   Bobble the day away. We’re not touching the debate about whether cats or dogs are smarter, but let’s just say most cats like a challenge. Have you ever noticed the focus the average feline will apply to, say, getting a ball that’s stuck under a chair? It’s that sense of determination that Temptations Snacky Mouse Cat Treat Toy plays to. The cute mouse bobbles and wobbles, and dispenses cat treats in response to your cat nosing or pawing it.

8.   Bestow a better ball. Speaking of balls lost under furniture, the Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy captivates cats with spinning, twirling balls that can’t come out of their tracks. It’s a perfect present for cats that are entranced by motion they can’t quite figure out (read: all of them).

9.   Pick a perch. Cats are well-known for enjoying a view of the outside, sometimes lingering at a window for hours. But often furniture is not arranged to easily allow that. Pick a window with a view you’d think he’d like, and install a cat perch.

10.   Spend quality quiet time. Cats like little better than cozying up on a lap, or sometimes just near a lap. Reserve some time for lap lounging and let your kitty snooze there for as long as he likes. It’s relaxing for you too—win-win!