10 Great Dog Dad Gifts for Fathers Day
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10 Great Dog Dad Gifts for Father’s Day

He has a pair of Doggles hanging from his rearview mirror, a dog car seat cover in the backseat and a couple of tennis balls rolling around the trunk. He is a dog dad, and like all dads, he proudly puffs his chest when told his precious pup scored high on her obedience test, and he works hard to prepare his fur baby for all life has to throw at her—especially tennis balls. This Father’s Day, give the dog dad in your life some props with great dog dad gifts.

1. For Dog Dads Who Wear Their Heart on Their Door Mat

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Replace the ol’ traditional “Welcome” doormat with something more dog-centric like the “Home Is Where Someone Runs to Greet You” dog doormat by Design Imports. This doormat’s natural coconut coir top is made to grab loose dirt and debris from shoes, helping to keep floors clean and free of paw, er, footprints. And the durable PVC back is designed to grip like a Lab with a chew toy, holding the mat firmly in place. Any dog dad could agree with the sweet message—home truly is where your dog comes to greet you, especially on Father’s Day.

2. For Dog Dads Who Enjoy Warm Feet

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Instead of the typical boring tie, JJMax puppy socks make a fun Father’s Day gift and follow the trend of statement socks for men. Featuring popular dog breeds lying on their backs waiting for tummy rubs, these cotton-blend socks are so soft he might just wear them everywhere—from the dog-friendly office or to the dog park. These socks are so fun, he might even get a pass for wearing them with sandals!

3. For Dog Dads Who Prefer to Kick Back

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What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than by lapping up a little vino with your favorite lap dog? True Zoo lucky lab bottle holder features a beautifully detailed black Labrador Retriever on his back, the perfect position to dutifully hold a 750ml-bottle of your favorite dog dad’s favorite vintage.

Constructed of durable polyresin, this bottle holder makes a great addition to any bar, and its velvet backing is designed to not leave any scratches behind. The only thing this little guy won’t do is drive you home, so drink responsibly.

4. For Dog Dads Who Like to Express Their Doggy Devotion

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One way to celebrate Father’s Day is with a special recognition that designates him as a bona-fide doggy daddy. One of the easiest ways to do that is with Imagine This Company’s “Dog Dad” magnet. He can display his love for his canine kids proudly on his vehicle, refrigerator, filing cabinet or any magnetic surface of his choice.

5. For Dog Dads Who Delight in Hot Drinks

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Whether he’s drinking coffee or tea, this Pet Shop by Fringe Studio German Shepherd coffee mug will overflow with his favorite hot drink and warm fuzzy feelings. It features original artwork inspired by his favorite dog breed (other dog breeds are available). Plus, with ceramic material and non-foil artwork and lettering, it’s safe for microwaves and dishwashers. Beautiful and practical, this mug makes an ideal dog dad gift.

6. For Dog Dads Who Love to Tidy Up

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If the dog dad in your life has a floor full of his best friend’s hair, give him the Bissell BOLT lithium pet 2-in-1 vacuum. This Father’s Day gift is fashioned to be simple to use and easy to handle with the 2-in-1 design featuring a powerful stick vacuum and a removable hand vacuum for quick clean ups. He’ll appreciate the specialized tools for cleaning pet hair on carpets, area rugs and hard floors, making cleaning a breeze!

7. For Dog Dads Who Always Are on the Go

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Ideal for hikes, the beach, the dog park or road trips, the Petmate collapsible travel bowl folds down to less than half an inch to be portable and easy to store. Made from durable, non-porous silicone and easy to clean, the bowl will last even the most rugged backcountry trips—easily fitting into a dog backpack.

8. For Dog Dads Who Prefer to Keep Their Pups Close

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Real dog dads wear pet slings, especially when they want to keep their dogs close at events or while traveling. Designed for pups weighing up to 13 pounds, the FurryFido reversible pet sling is strong enough to hold a dog comfortably, whether Dad’s sightseeing or on his way across town for an appointment. The hands-free sling is made of soft, high-quality cotton for comfort, both for the animal and the dog dad wearing it. Plus, it’s machine washable, so the adventure can go on and on.

9. For Dog Dads Who Keep a Clean Yard

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Nothing should become between a dog dad, his four-legged best bud and their favorite lawn games—and that includes poop. The Dogit Jaws dog waste scooper features an easy-to-use ergonomic handle with a soft, contoured rubber pad, giving users a comfortable grip and no excuses for not picking up. The edges are formed for picking up poop on grass and gravel, so no matter where the dog does her business, Dad will have the tool he needs to do his duty.

10. For Dog Dads—and Pups—Who Are Total Couch Potatoes

Father's Day Gifts for Dog Dads - couch bed for dogs

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If the dog dad in your life enjoys spending the afternoon relaxing on the sofa, why not indulge his best friend with the same luxury and a sofa of her own? FurHaven quilted orthopedic sofa dog bed is designed for maximum loafing with a soft, quilted suede sleeping surface just like Dad’s. The egg-crate foam enables better airflow to keep his dog cool and comfortable, while the three side bolsters provide support. All his canine companion is missing is her own remote!

Lovable and well-meaning, dog dads are a noble breed of their own. Like human pops, dog dads truly know best. Happy Father’s Day to all the dog dads out there!

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